Virtual Chats

Can't deny the fact that internet has brought us lots of convenience in communication. We can always keep in touch with friends, anywhere anytime.

However, it does hit me hard when some people are rather irresponsible in what they chose to say in these virtual chats. How can you say something to a person, sarcastically and tell them him/her in the next second that you don't mean it, that you're just joking. And you drop a "lol"!

Please don't say something and then say you didn't mean it. What do you expect from the receiver? If you don't mean it, please don't say it. Especially in virtual world where I can't see your expression, and I really can't tell the difference between jokingly and seriously.

Please don't take the convenience of internet for granted.

That is why, one should never ever confessed by chatting. You see, you'll never know if this is serious.


Still Alive & Kicking

So, here's the story of how a poor caterpillar accidentally came to FA lab.

One fine day, this poor fella fell on the wrong person at the wrong time. It fell on the shirt of a technician specialist in my lab and followed him back to the lab. When he found it, he felt disgusted and threw it into the the dustbin.

But the lab is full of sympathetic girls and women. They decided to pick it up from the dustbin, and kept inside a glass bottle.

Knowing our nature of job... We immediately "inspected" the caterpillar under the microscope! I got to tell you, it was rather interesting!!! Hahaha... But I told my friend, it is only cute when it's in the bottle. I don't want to have any contact with it.

I tried to feed it with leaves but it refused to eat any of them. My colleague thought it was too stressed out because of the way we handled it. I thought it wouldn't make it through the day and I will have an extra SEM specimen. I even googled "How to SEM insects" when I got home.

The next day, the first thing I looked for in the lab, is this poor fella. To my surprise, my operator told me it's still alive!! And it turned into a cocoon!!

A cocoon in my lab! How cool was that?!

Then suddenly, I have a whole new thing to do with this caterpillar. Instead of SEM it. I decided to keep it alive until the end of metamorphosis.

So, I gave it a big and comfortable house.
Like this :)

I hope it hasn't turned into a butterfly or moth yet, because we haven't been around for two days for weekend. Hope it's still in a cocoon and we will have the chance to witness it's transformation!

We kept a caterpillar in the lab as pet!

How cool is that! :)

It was Stressful

过去几天,日本的天灾实在恐怖。地震、海啸,再来个power plant melt down。机场关闭,交通瘫痪。不管那个新闻网,都在报道。
















When Everything Seems Right

There's nothing wrong with my life.

I have a job, happy with it.
I have a place to stay, even though it's just a rented place, but I'm happy with whom I stay with.
I have Yee Hau, family and friends when I need them.

When I look around, really, there's nothing wrong.

But did you ever have the feeling, when nothing seems wrong, it feels nothing's right too?

I don't really know how to describe the feeling. But that's exactly how I feel. Let's just call it quarter life crisis, which I always seem to have.

Life's like a party since December last year. Parties, gatherings, travel, celebrations, stay-over etc. After all these came to an end, coming into a quiet March, I actually feel, empty.

Where is the passion?
Where are the dreams?
Where are my determinations?

It's time to think, again.