My Year 2010

I didn't travel as much as year 2009 in year 2010. But still, I think I had a good year :)

The last two days of year 2010, let me recall what I did over the entire year.
  1. Spent my 2010 new year countdown in Taipei with my family & some of my extended family (3 cousins & my Er Yi). We had lots of fun and laughter, one of my best new year countdown ever.
  2. Went to Cameron Highlands with Yee Hau :)
  3. Started a daily photo blog from April till July, until I found myself lost of inspiration. But it's really interesting, because I found myself appreciate my daily life even more than ever.
  4. Took part in Singapore Blog Award 2010, and unexpectedly got myself into top 3 (based on votes). I didn't win the award, but it was really a great experience that I never regretted for what I did.
  5. Got my first very "mempersiasuikan" video interview for Singapore Blog Award 2010!
  6. Watched Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road Ensemble live! Got myself teary, the heart melted when the feelings from the pieces filled the room.
  7. Got myself new idol after Silk Road Ensemble concert, Wu Tong. His incredible voice gave me goosebumps!
  8. Watch "The Love Violin Concerto" by Tan Dun premier, but what a shame, it wasn't conducted by Tan Dun himself.
  9. Went to SiChuan snow mountain in September and teared when I stood under the snow mountain.
  10. Realized I need Yee Hau in my life, because he's my "regulator". The two weeks without him, I had a very chaotic life.
  11. Went to a coffee tasting class in Starbucks, had 3 cups of coffee in 2 hours and love it!
  12. Went to wine tasting class, had 6 glasses red, white and champagne in 2 hours!
  13. Made very important decision of my lifetime, and ever since then, I decided to be more spontaneous when I still have the chance.
  14. Had a couple of small and warm parties in our messy little flat, love it, and want to have more.
  15. Had a couple of glasses of red wine, stayed up whole night to chit chat, and decided to continue the crazy night with a morning jog! At the very same evening, went to Wala Wala for a drink again... A record!
  16. Woke up at 10.10am, on my birthday 101010. (not planned)
  17. Got an iPhone (my first canggih phone) as birthday gift from Yee Hau :)
  18. Learned how to brew fresh coffee because I got a coffee maker set as birthday gift from Da Jie :)
  19. One year anniversary for my braces.
  20. Ran my Standard Chartered half marathon, not the timing that I wanted, but it's better than my first half marathon and I didn't get knee ache this time. Good enough.
  21. For the first time in my life, I got shooed out from airport because of "pest control". Spent two hours sitting on my luggage trolley outside the airport, using free airport Wifi to chat with Yee Hau on iPhone. And that, made my iPhone the best birthday gift ever!
  22. Went to Shanghai to spend my Christmas with Kia Hooi. It's a shame we got cheated by weather forecast, there's no white Christmas.
  23. Took bullet train for the first time in my life. Travelled 169km from Hangzhou to Shanghai, took me 45minutes only. Top speed 350km/hr. Impressed!
  24. Feel sick at Ningbo, and for the first time of my travelling history, I spent most of the time sleeping in the city rather than touring.
  25. For the first time of my life, I wanted to go home so badly during a trip. It's most likely due to cold and sickness. Spent a lot of money SMS-ing Yee Hau & my mom during that period of time. Aww...
I think I did a lot more than the above 25 items, but I don't think I can recall them one by one.

I made mistakes along the way. Learned from mistakes and really appreciate the loving people around me (family, Yee Hau, true friends) who pointed out to me.

At age 27, I tell myself I'm still young and should still continue the enthusiasm to learn and enjoy life with full passion. And at age 27, I realized it's so important to know what I really want so that I can work and strive. It's still not too late to realize, I hope.

But most of all, I really want to thank the people around me who make my life so interesting! My family & extended families, Yee Hau, my friends (in real and virtual world) and my colleagues!

Year 2010 had been great, and I believe year 2011 will be better!

Happy New Year everybody!


Off to a Holiday!

I'll not be updating the blog probably, till next year.

I'll be spending some time in Shanghai, Ningbo & also HOME!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



We wake up every morning to fight with our alarm clock.
She woke up everyday, fought for her life.

We complain when we're having minor flu and cough.
She suffered from multiple seizures since she was a few months old.

She's a fighter, she fought for her life with an unimaginable spirit. She survived one after another hospital visits, but fate still took her away.

Maybe it's a relief for her, to end her sufferings.

May she rest in peace.

Her life may be short, one and a half year, but she taught us how to love.



December, is to have FUN!

I love December.

We don't get to have white Christmas, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun. I love Christmas trees, I love snowman, and I love all the Christmas goodies!

Two years back, we had a Christmas party at home in Penang. Last year however, we had the most disappointing Christmas in Taipei City, unexpected eh? This year, I have all the big and small parties coming before Christmas!!!

Our cozy (or messy) little flat will hold a small party this coming Friday. We will not have time to prepare the Christmasy food, so we decided to go for Shabu Shabu. But no worries, we'll get log cake and maybe ham to make it as Christmas as possible.

FA team has a yearly Christmas lunch, where the engineers and manager give the technicians and operators a treat, as appreciation for the one year contribution. The team will have gift exchange at the end of the lunch party every year. So, that'll happen on next Monday.

I'll be celebrating romantic Christmas with Kia Hooi in Shanghai this year. And I'll be joining her for a party on Boxing day with her colleagues. Sounds GREAT!

Due to my trip to Shanghai, I'll miss my Wu Yi's Christmas party in Penang. I chatted with her last Sunday, she promised I can request for food, and she will specially prepare for me! To make up the Christmas party that I will miss! I'd like to request for a Jamie Oliver X'mas!!!

That, will sum up for the parties that I will have for the next 3 weeks before we step into 2011.



Fairy Tales. Too Much.

I'm running away with the sword.
To kill the metal beast!

(Inspired by Prince Edward in Enchanted)


It's a bit....

I was running in the gym this evening after work. I planned to run at least 1.5hr today, and rest for the whole week till the actual Standard Chartered marathon.

Anyway, when I was at my last half an hour, the machine started to act weird. I wasn't holding the heart beat sensor at all, I never had the habit. But out of nowhere, the heart beat was 90. And it went pretty stable throughout the half an hour, from 88-91.

It's kinda freaky!

Luckily there were a lot of people in the gym, I didn't freak out. But I was trying to tell the machine, whispering in my heart, "Let me finish ok? It's just half an hour more."





















Something to Look Forward, Again :)

I've caught up with the Air Asia X promotion on Monday, to purchase a pair of return ticket to HangZhou. But HZ isn't really my destination, I'm actually heading to Shanghai and Ningbo.

I'm never a fan of big city like Shanghai, the only reason I'm visiting this place, is my best friend, Kia Hooi. Since she's working in Ningbo, not too far from Shanghai (when you're looking in China context, far and near need some re-definition), I've been wanting to pay her a visit. I kept thinking and looking for a chance.

Now, here we go :)

I am looking forward, very much. I went to Kinokuniya on Friday after work, to get myself a good and quick guide. I was flipping through while I was waiting for Yee Hau, and I thought, I might like Shanghai after all.

Shanghai wasn't my cup of tea, back in year 2005. During my 3rd year in University, I was so determined, that I must get out of Singapore. I knew I couldn't afford an exchange programme, so when GIP was introduced, I was SO determined I MUST go for it. The first batch of seniors who came back from GIP China shared their experiences.

The one and only thing that I can remember from the sharing was, a senior who came back from internship from Shanghai, he said "Shanghai was great! It's like Singapore!" I was so sure, I'm not going to Shanghai.

So, at that time, all my applications went to Beijing, without even concerning what are the companies doing, I only wanted to get myself to Beijing. And I never regretted the decision, and I still very much missing the wonderful place.

Anyway, right now, after doing some tiny bits of research here and there, I think I may like Shanghai after all. And of course, Ningbo too!


Happy Anniversary!

To my dear braces...

19th November 2009, I had my braces on. One year from then, I'm still having them with me. I'm not hoping to celebrate this anniversary more than 2 years.

Anyway, I told my colleagues over the lunch, that it's my braces anniversary today. So he asked me, "How would you want to celebrate? Eat porridge?"


Speechless, but come to think of it, it's kinda true :P


Addict to Addiction (note to self)

I addict to things easily. And my bad habit, once I got into it, I addict to my addictions. I know it's best to quit, but I just keep doing it, until, someone gets me out of it, or I finally know how bad things can be. I wouldn't prefer the latter.

And you know what's worst with addictions, you kind of go on a cycle of getting out of it, and coming back to it.

Wei Wei, bad habit, get them off!!!!




等着等着,在我前面的男人问我,这个时候还有地铁吗?我告诉他,有是有的,不过怕到了Tanah Merah没有connecting train了。他“噢”了一声,也没再继续。我就继续传简讯(现代人……)







他以为他这副德性随随便便在taxi stand可以pick up一个女生?我要是真的这么随便,也会找个帅哥啦,拜托!!!!

Mempersiasuikan Orang Penang!







I Need Something New!

I found that I've been repeating my dinner lately, I'm getting tired of it, so I need something new. Now, I'm addictive -ly clicking away in Jamie Oliver's website. And what's worse, I felt hungry as I clicked my way through. And I realized my fridge is just too small!!! My kitchen is too small!!!

Dinner is not the only thing needed to be new. I was browsing Olympus website (I do that occasionally) and found that they actually have promotion for existing E-system user for the new Olympus E-5. It's really tempting, it's year end, should I get it?!

I need a new phone too! My Sony Ericsson was half dead by the time it reached its one year anniversary. Now, it got crazier day by day, I'm just waiting to get my new phone!!! (But I've already guaranteed myself one, so no worry about this *wink*)

Oh man...

By the way, can anybody tell me how to make rolls? I want to make this!

Smoked salmon rolls


I'm Re-reading

Thanks to Kia Hooi, who recommended this book to me years ago when I really needed it.

I recommended that to Sock Hoai after that, and she recommended that to a friend and the list goes on... It's a chain effect.

I'm re-reading it now, after all, I need them again.



I'm a Sucker for British Accent Man

Sock Hoai and I went to watch "I love you Philip Morris" last week, a gay movie starred by Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey. Then we realized, we both like Ewan (OMG! Like so much!) and we're actually suckers for British accent guys.

Give me a random British man, I just love the way they speak. Everything sounds SO elegant.

Even when Simon Cowell is being so mean!

Even when they're so old! I still think Sean Connery is the best James Bond, but of course, he's best when he's Indiana Jones's father.

Even when they went to prostitutes.... :S

Even his hair is getting lesser and lesser... Still sexy!

And of course, when it comes to a combination of British accent, sexy & handsome look and good singer, I melt...

But wait, I think there's one British man whom I might not think he's sexy and elegant...


He's Coming Back Tomorrow

The Man is out of country for almost two weeks, and I have been pretty messed up for the two weeks too.

I've been having too much alcohol, too much caffeine, too little sleep, too much non-routine random life, too much junk food... And a lot of emotional ups and downs too. In conclusions, too much of not-too-good-for-you things, and too little of good-for-you things.

I've been feeling a little bit of lonely, and people around me suffer, because I get them to do things with me.

Finally, the Man is coming back to town tomorrow, and I think that's when everybody finally feels relieved, and I will get my life back to normal too!



Thoughts after Last Night

Sock Hoai and I chatted the whole night last night, until we saw the purplish light came out from the skyline telling us it's actually morning.

I told her my secret dreams, my frustrations, my weaknesses, my happiness etc... Some of the things, are things I've never told anybody, that I've never have the guts to admit them myself. (That's the problem when you chat for the whole night, and especially you've already had some alcohol)

I was told a few days ago, to do what I want to do when I'm still young because the courage gets lesser as you age.

To put it in another way, you're not doing anything fun and spontaneous anymore!

Talking to Sock Hoai had made me think of a lot of things that I want to achieve, but had not yet achieved, some of them are not even on the way. I realized how much more effort I have to continue to put in, before I die with regrets.

If you have purpose to fulfill, the Beings up in the Heaven will know, and they won't take you away before you achieve them! That's how I remind myself every now and then, so that I work towards what I want.

Ask yourself, if you're given a day to be spontaneous, and that you have nothing to lose, what will you do?

I'm feeling spontaneous now!








I'm officially 27 year old yesterday. And, I am not any wiser.

I happened to wake up at 10.10am on 101010. My alarm clock was snoozing crazily since 9.30am in the morning, I kept switching them off until I saw this magical code, 1010101010. Hence, I decided to wake up.

I just thought it's kinda fun. Like I told you, I'm not getting wiser, I realized, I'm still a kid who believes (chose to believe) Peter Pan is real.

I should probably be serious on listing down what I've done in 27 years of my life, and what I should do in the next 2-5 years. But unfortunately, I'm a bit light headed now, as I'm drinking a little bit of beer that Yee Hau bought to celebrate my birthday before he flew to Nepal.

The Man really knows how to surprise me when I least expected anything from his busy schedule. He was so busy preparing Nepal trip, I really never expected any celebration. It's not easy to organize a mission trip. What he did, although it's such simple gesture, moved me to tears. (It's really easy!)

I have got no candles, no birthday songs, but that are not what I need. My family, YH, friends and relatives have already made my day :)

I love the world!

Like Discovery Channel said, the world is awesome!

Let's carry on :)








Important Lessons from Yo-Yo Ma

At the age of 55 (as of year 2010), Yo-Yo Ma looks young at his age. Browsing through his fans site and official website, it's not hard to notice, this great musician had not changed a lot throughout the years, except for the hairstyle and the spectacles.

I never interviewed him (DUH~), but through his numerous interviews, performances, videos, music, I have concluded one thing about his secret to stay young.

Be passion, stay young, never stop learning, and help others to success!

Be Passion
Needless to say, Yo-Yo Ma's music is one of the most fascinating ones. His passion was fully expressed in his work, and when you're in his live performance, the happiness from the music, filled the entire hall. That will bring you to tears, that will fill your heart.

This passion, I believe, is what that keeps him so young and happy, even at age of 55.

Stay Young
From his videos and interviews, I always imagine Yo-Yo Ma to be a playful person. Traveling around the world, knowing and giving young musicians advice, playing music with people from all walks of life, he always seems to be such a happy person.

Never fear of trying, I think is how he stay young at heart at all times.

Never Stop Learning
He's never content with just classical music. That's why, he explored tango, original soundtrack of a lot of block buster movies, Silk Road Project etc.

Never stop learning, keep going.

Help Others to Success
The most beautiful concert this year, will be Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble. I love Yo-Yo Ma even more, and I discovered my love to another younger musician, Wu Tong too. Immediately after the concert, we were goggling about Wu Tong and found that he owed part of his fame, to Yo-Yo Ma.

In the concert back in April 30th, we could clearly see how Yo-Yo Ma gave the attention to Wu Tong instead of himself. Even though he truly 100% knew, 100% of the audience were there because of his name. But the center stage, was mostly given to this younger musician.

This selfless image of Yo-Yo Ma, had taught us to help others to success when you're already had enough of it.

So remember,

Be Passion at What You Do

Stay Young at Heart

Never Stop Learning

Help Others to Success

And you will stay young forever!










It's not too difficult to sink myself into waves and waves of addiction.

I've found a very addictive website, which I think it's too good to be kept for myself.

The Pioneer Woman

Cooking & Photography, enough to get me clicking the pages on and on...

My Cool Brother


The moment I saw this photo at En's FB profile, the first thought I had was an image from any random page of magazine. But, the colour was wrong.

So, as a beloved Er Jie, I can't help but to get the original photo from him, and turned it into something I prefer.


Kinda star look, isn't he?


Happy Birthday En En!

Photo courtesy of Ah Yang

This cute little boy is my younger brother, in case you don't know him.

He turned 18 today! Time flies and I always wish he's still the little brother I "used" as remote control back then. But we can't stay cute forever, so he's all grown up to a.... much normal adrenaline high teenager.

Cat acting, Sing Sing Car, traffic jam cars, Mahathir posters, volcanoes, bowling pins, soccer etc etc, those were all back to the good old days. Now, he's a 100% tech savvy and car lover. Though he no longer is my remote control, he's a very reliable driver at home now.

Not long after today, he'll be flying out from home, studying elsewhere in University and bringing home girl friend(s). Man, I still wish he's the little boy!!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ah En!

Er Jie loves you :)



I wanted to and tried to blog about this movie after I watched, but I can't put words into it.

So, I just want to tell you.


I love all the casts in the movie. I always am a fan of Leonardo, and I like Ken Watanabe since he played in The Last Samurai. But now, I like Arthur (Joseph Gordon Levitt), Eames (Tom Hardy), Ariadne (Ellen Page). Especially Arthur to be honest, I really think he's very cool!



Nodame Cantabile Finale

Finally, after a 3 months of long wait, the finale is here!

After 3 months, I can't really remember the details of the first part movie. So, on Friday night before we watched the show on Saturday, we did our very own movie screening at home. So the first part ended with Nodame feeling sad that Chiaki can do so well compared to her. And her professor asked her to stay apart from Chiaki for some time, for her own good.

I like the first part compared to the finale. I think because the first part, Nodame was the Nodame we knew from drama, crazy and unreasonable. To the finale, Nodame has grown up, she's a little bit sadder in character, and more mature. Less craziness.

However, good thing about this finale was, some of the lovable characters from drama played a part too. Masumi, Ryu and Miki. It's just nice to see them together. And not to forget about Ryu's father. Kind and lovable, and creative on the set lunch's name, like "Nodame beef set lunch" :P

There's a new instrument introduced in finale, which is theremin. Watch this video to understand what is a theremin :)

But still, the movie guaranteed you a good laugh from start till the end. No doubt about that.

It's been so many years since we started to watch the drama. I remember we were still in our final year. And now, we're already in 3rd year of working life. Time flies.

The finale of Nodame is kind of like a "full stop" of certain part of the memories. Kind of.

Please, don't try to watch this if you've never watched the drama, the special episode, the first part!


The Soloist


Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr) from LA Times met Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx) when he was playing violin by the street, with two strings. Steve found out that Nathaniel is a child prodigy and was once a student in Julliard College, and hence decided to write a column of Nathaniel's story.

On Steve's way to find out more stories of Nathaniel, they had developed a special friendship. While writing about his life, Steve was trying to improve Nathaniel's quality of life, and also the mental state. But frustrations came when Nathaniel refused to cooperate.

Steve's good intention wasn't fully received by Nathaniel, but the friendship remained.


It was a really funny show, and yet sad at the same time.

It did make me ponder, on the good intentions we have to help people, how much will it be well received by the receiver? How much did the receiver want help from us? Did we ever ask before we offer? Or we force our way through to earn our karma?

I am always a fan of Robert Downey Jr. And I've watched some shows of Jamie Foxx, but in this show, he's exceptionally good. Even better than Robert Downey Jr.


Definitely worth to watch!
(I wonder how did I miss this show last year. I found out from my colleague that this show was only shown in Singapore for a very short period of time, with almost no publicity. What a waste!)


The Best Love Story in 5 Minutes

Since I was in all the love story mode last weekend, I can't get rid of this best 5 minutes moment from "Up".

This was the best ever! Short & sweet, and touched your heart at every corner.


Despicable Me

Downloaded from web










3D效果很不错,不过,动画的仔细程度,不能媲美近期也刚刚上映的Toy Story 3,故事情节也是输了一载。不过,下班后当作是纾解压力的娱乐,是相当合适的。


Julie Andrews竟然有为这部电影配音,配的是Gru的妈妈。


Thank you omy for the movie preview!




我想这部戏大概是在讽刺所谓的secret agent吧。整部电影,不管是真的CIA,还是退役的,还是普通市民,都在跟踪。









这部电影有点像好莱坞的New York I Love You(虽然我还没看),是很多不同人不同环境谱出的恋情。













最尴尬是分手。两人的亲密合照,更糟的是,两人以往在wall上让人喷血的对话。 分手了,要delete吗?要假装不知道吗?还是干脆开一个新户口,重新做人?




Happy 3rd Year

11th June marks the official 3 years of my working life, in the same company, the first job in my life.

3 years didn't seem too long, they past in a blink of eyes. I've definitely got some complaints made along the way, but overall, I'm still as happy as I was. Life isn't just about work in the office, it's about how we make it interesting.

I've learned a lot throughout the years. I'm glad my colleagues are good ones, willing to share and teach, and even willing to take in my nonsense most of the days. I am really glad they do.

I've met good people, but I've got some bad ones too, who can completely turn my days upside down. But I am glad, that there are more good than bad ones. So, the world is still beautiful. Let the bad ones suffer with their karma in their future or next life. I don't have to punish them.

I just want to thank everybody, family, Yee Hau, friends and colleagues and even enemies (If I've made some without knowing), without you, I wouldn't have make it till today :)

Way to go!



Pasta with Bacon, Mushroom & Peas in Creamy White Wine Sauce


1. Pasta of your choice
2. Streaky bacon
3. Button Mushrooms
4. Peas
5. Garlic

For the sauce:
1. Cream
2. White wine
3. Grated Parmesan Cheese
4. Butter

For dressing and garnishes:
1. Garlic salt
2. Pepper
3. Parsley

1. Cook the pasta to al Dante
2. While cooking the pasta, sautee the chopped garlic with butter
3. Add in the roughly chopped streaky bacon when the garlic turned brownish
4. Add in the sliced button mushrooms into the pan when streaky bacon turned slightly crispy
5. Cook till the water secrete from mushrooms are slightly dried up
6. Throw the peas into the pasta pot at the last minute of your pasta cooking while cooking the mushrooms and bacons
7. Add in cream, white wine, garlic salt and grated parmesan cheese and stir well
8. Drain the cooked pasta and peas
9. Immediately pour the pasta into the pan and stir well to make sure every strand of your pasta is coated with the wonderful sauce
10. Serve on your plate and dress with freshly ground pepper and parsley

Simple and Delicious!


I'm Impressed!

I was sending emails moments ago.

When I pressed "Send" as usual, there was a dialogue asking me "Did you mean to attach files? You wrote "I have attached" in your message, but there are no files attached. Send anyway?"

Man, how could I not impressed!



Is that a Sign?


人生旅途 难免崎岖
人生旅途 全靠争取



















Thank You Omy for Robin Hood Preview

Robin Hood was my favourite childhood cartoon, for no particular reason. Maybe it's the handsome fox that did the magic? Or maybe, it's the funny lion Prince John? I have no idea at all, seriously.

I never read synopsis before I watch movie, I never did. It's simply not my habit, because I want to have 100% surprise from the movie. And I did. I didn't know that this show is actually the making of "Robin Hood became an outlaw". So the show started with him in the wars, and how did he fight along with friends to go back to London. And of course, how he knew Lady Marian. And finally, ended the movie becoming an outlaw.

And all the time, I was waiting for Robin Hood to raise his bow & arrow, and be chased by the palace guards. It didn't happen, at least not the first 2 hours and 25 mins of the show.

My personal opinion, is that the story has been emphasizing a little bit too much on the love story between Robin Hood and Lady Marian. Robin Hood is about his friendship with his fellow friends whom he fought along with. Besides, kissing in the middle of battle with French and didn't get hurt is a miracle. (I thought it was a lame scene)

Watching Robin Hood did make me feel very nostalgic of my childhood. And please, just let me share a little clip from Robin Hood back in 1973.

Side note, the sceneries in the movie were very nice!











Pixar Exhibition in Singapore Science Centre


门票二十元,原觉得有点贵,但后来看完之后,就觉得很值得了。我知道此公司搞动画非常细心,可从来没想过是如此的细心。比方说,Ratatoullie里的那只小老鼠的草稿,是一张类似graphics drawing的图,老鼠的前后左右,上下,甚至连老鼠的腰围都有标明!

最让人惊叹的,是Toy Story的Zoetrope。

当然,既然是Pixar,也就不乏好笑的。比如,他们Xray了Toy Story里头的玩具。猪猪扑满里,空空的,只有钱币。我也不知道,他们是否着的X光了吗?还是制造出这些图画来。




I Love Silk Road. I Love Yo-Yo Ma

Yo Yo Ma-Silk Road Ensemble



这次的音乐会主题,是“The Silk Road Ensemble”,是这个Project的十周年纪念巡回演出。







Conclusion of the concert, it worths every second and cent!


おにぎり (Onigiri)

鮭おにぎり (Salmon Onigiri)

鮪おにぎり (Tuna Onigiri)

If you'd read my photo blog, you would know I'm currently a big fan of onigiri >.<

1. Japanese short grain rice
2. Japanese vinegar
3. Pinch of salt
4. Salmon or Tuna (TC Boy Tuna in Vegetable Oil-Kia Hooi, I help you to advertise!) or any other fillings of your choice (I am thinking of bacon for the future onigiri)
5. Furikake or Sesame for the toppings
6. Seaweed

1. Japanese rice to water ratio 1:1.5.
2. Let the rice sit in the rice cooker for 15 mins more after it's cooked.
3. Add a spoonful (Chinese soup spoon) of vinegar into the rice, and fluff the rice.
4. Wet your hands, coat with a bit of salt when you make the rice ball.
5. Top with furikake or black sesame.
6. Wrap with seaweed.

For salmon,
1. Marinate salmon with salt (I like to use garlic salt), extra virgin olive oil and a bit of parsley for about half an hour.
2. Pan fry the marinated salmon with butter.
3. Do not overcook salmon, fry with medium heat and turn off the heat as soon as the salmon turned pink.
4. Seared the salmon into pieces. You can also add some pepper.

For Tuna (use white meat tuna for better taste, as Kia Hooi taught me!)
1. You don't have to do anything. Unless you need more flavor, you could add some pepper to it.

You can either wrap a little fillings into the rice ball like I did for my salmon onigiri (first picture) or mix the fillings together with rice when you're fluffing it (second picture). The latter helps to save some time.

For overnight onigiri, Sheena taught me to pan fried it with sesame oil. It's fragrant and delicious :)

I'm loving it~






“Wei and I have never met each other, neither would I say we know each other well. But there's a mutual interest, an agreeable mind and thoughts that could travel miles. I trust in her pick of books, her views through the lense, her taste on food, her values of life. I feel I do know you, after all. One day, we shall meet and I shall share my 'evenings' with your 'mornings'?”



The Love Violin Concerto by Tan Dun

I like Tan Dun, ever since I saw his interview with Lu Yu. He's such a romantic, cute, happy person, full of enthusiasm to his life and music.

When I knew SSO was going to play Tan Dun's new Violin Concerto, I was happy, I thought he's coming to Singapore to conduct his own piece! But to my disappointment, he's not. But I still invited Sock Hoai and so we went.

I know Tan Dun's pieces were always a bit different from the conservative classical that we know. But this new piece, is top of the it! But yet, it's such a suspense that holds your attention to listen through the whole piece.

I do not know whether it's because he had been composing a lot of soundtracks, listening to this violin concerto felt like watching a movie. A movie, with chasing scenes in a chaotic city, cars and people in the background. At times those people ran into park, where there are families in the background. At times they're in the alley. At times they even ran into Chinatown! And this piece definitely ended with a bang.

Well, maybe one day Tan Dun will be here, conducting his own pieces, and I'll attend :)

Other pieces of the concert were not popular classical pieces, but I kinda like them too. And they're all new to me!
2. The Love Violin Concerto by Tan Dun









Totally Immersed in my Homework

I have assigned a homework to myself, which is, to post a photo a day on my photo blog, like a photo diary for my own.

After a few days, I realized, that is a damn tough job! Why did I sign myself in to this in the first place? Most of my photos were taken in the evening, after work. (Obviously, I can't do those at work) And there were days I skipped because I reached home too late, and it was sometimes past 12am to the next day, there's no way to turn the clock back just for "daily photo" (Excuses.... obviously)

The most difficult part is, what should I take on my routine daily life?

However, it may seem crazy, but I've been enjoying this tough assignment. As Sheena mentioned, it helps me to pay more attention to little things that happen in daily life. Which is so true.

Maybe 365 days from now, when I look back to this collection, I will feel very satisfied for what I've done :)

Assignment for myself is always better than assignments from teachers :p

(The photos were labeled as Daily Scribble in Photo Blog)



我才知道,那个我曾经觉得,ok la的人,其实不喜欢我,甚至有点讨厌我。





Nando's Chicken

The last day of my home trip was spent for 扫墓 at Penang Island, my grandparents. We woke up early morning, packed everything needed for 扫墓 as well as my bag pack to fly back to Singapore.

It was unearthly 6am when we departed from home. I didn't bring my camera up to the hill along as I thought my mom will scold, but ended up she didn't scold my sister. Next year, I'll bring.

After扫墓, there's no point to go back to BM and then came out to airport again. So we had our breakfast dim sum then shopping at Gurney Plaza. Didn't get anything, but I've got my long missing Nando's Chicken in Gurney Plaza before I flew to Singapore.

There's no Nando's Chicken here in Singapore, but there's one Nando's alike, called Barcelos. I don't quite like it, it's more expensive, and definitely not as tasty. Things back home, are always the best.

We're all full from our breakfast, so mom and dad ordered the half chicken set to share. Looks yummy isn't it?

Ah En, YY and I shared a platter. YY and I couldn't stop taking photos, but the food were so tempting, my dad just had to make us act faster! Hahaha.... It's really hard for them to have a good meal when YY and I brought our cameras along. Pity...

A meal at Nando's before departing to the Lion City, real good. But it's never as good as dining at home.

Mom's cooking is still the best in the world.




















Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Close On Every Thursday








Missing Comments

There had been some time that I realized there weren't any comments on my entries, but of course, I keep writing anyhow.

I seldom sign in to my dashboard, but I did a few minutes ago, to realize I have quite a lot of comments awaiting for my approval to publish!!! I've totally forgotten that I requested for comments moderation since there are a lot of spam on my blog comments....

Thank you to all my friends and some anonymous readers who have left comments for me! Sorry for letting them sitting at the dashboard for so long...

Thank you for reading :)














Best Manual in the World

When they said treat your readers like an idiot, this manual took it literally.


Nodame Cantabile Finale & 1812 Overture

Thanks to Sock Hoai, I became a fan of Nodame since I watched the hilarious japanese drama. Since then, I watched all the released movies, including the latest finale in Paris, with Sock Hoai and Ai Mei of course, who else :)

Nodame never failed to make us laugh like crazy, even though we had so little sleep the night before. (SH only slept for one hour, poor thing)

But today, I'm actually writing to tell you about 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky, instead of the movie. I always like Tchaikovsky's pieces, 1812 Overture was also one of my favourite. During the show, I was very delighted when this song was in their song list of the concert.

At the end of the piece, there's a scene where the concert manager went out of the concert hall, and lit up the cannons. The entire cinema was laughing, including me of course. I thought it was just another joke.

But this afternoon, I found out, I am the joke to have laughed at that scene!

I was playing 1812 Overture from Youtube on headphone while writing a report today. As the song approached the end, I heard some familiar sounds. I thought, "This percussion really sounds like a bomb!" So curiously, I turned on the monitor to check what percussion was that. To my surprise, the concert was really firing something on the stage!!!

I couldn't help myself sharing this with Sock Hoai and she as dumbfounded as I was. She googled and found out that "cannons" were actually listed in instruments in this song!

Still couldn't believe? Watch this video and read the info at right column.

I am very impressed!


Alice in Wonderland in 3D

Downloaded from entertainmentwallpaper.com

I've watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D. The 3D was very smooth and there are lots of depths in the 3D, hence, it makes things really really 3D! And this time, the 3D glasses are better, I felt more comfortable throughout the entire show, there's no need to adjust the glasses every few minutes.

The story has nothing to shout about. It's a Disney show, good and evil are very distinct. You know the story from start to end by 5 minutes of the show. But, if you grow up watching Disney cartoons like me, and can still remember bits and pieces of the old cartoons even when you're way past your childhood. Well, I think you should never miss this show.

The blue caterpillar, the mad hatter, the white rabbit, the red queens, the cards soldiers, the cat, the weird animals, the twins etc... They are memories of my childhood, and watching them, feels like meeting old friends.

Yee Hau complained the story was too flat.

I thought they're ok, because I'm only expecting fairy tales from Disney, not any super big film.

Rating? I should give a 3/5, it was not as good as I expected it to be. But, the wonderful colour had made me feel Wonderland enough :)

Anyway, it's my "Happy Unbirthday" today :D


Alice in Wonderland

Everybody knows I'm a JD fan.

But you may not know, I grow up watching tonnes of cartoons. I meant tonnes! And a lot of time, I watched them repeatedly as if there's nothing else to do in the world. Alice in Wonderland was one of them.

I've been looking forward for Alice in Wonderland in movie since I knew Tim Burton was going to make one :D Tim Burton & Johnny Depp, the best!

I was just preparing myself for the show, so I searched for the pieces of Wonderland memories on Youtube. Oh gosh... I love it!

The Unbirthday Party, the Caterpillar, the Queen etc...

However, my colleague commented that this show makes him feel like everybody is on drug! Is that it? I thought it was full of imagination~

























What is Love?

My friend asked me what is love.

I have no definition to love, but I know I can differentiate love from like.

When you love someone,

You go extra miles for the person
You are happy when the person did a little things for you
You miss the person when him/her is not around
You want the togetherness
You long for a hug
You feel close
You are happy when the person is happy
You are sad when the person is sad
You are even paranoid sometimes

You can have these feelings to lots of people, because you can exert love to many people. Different types of love. To your lover, your family, your closed friends.

Love is always a broad term.

To love your family that you're born with, it just comes so naturally.

To love your friends who stand by your side when you're in trouble, but doesn't require you to stay with him/her/them forever and ever, it requires lesser decision making.

To love your lover, whom "Till death do us apart", it requires tonnes of courage and a lot of decision making. Because that, is a gamble of your life.

Knowing love doesn't guarantee one to find love. There's a scenario that love stories like to paint, is when a girl married to a guy who loves her more than she loves him. The girl's heart is with someone who left her. I always thought that is some stupid love stories that was trying too hard to sell. But I have been so naive, I had just recently found out that these can happen in real life.

My friend told me the strongest reason for a girl to married a guy that she likes but doesn't love, is age. Society, especially in Asia, still hold the "belief" that girls should be married before reaching age of 30. Under such tremendous pressure, a lot of people had made decision as this.

So, I guess it depends on how you want your life to be. To married a person you like but not love, and gamble for your marriage and whole life? Or to search for the perfect one, have no fear to love, even when you're age of 40, 50 or even older...

I still, hold strong belief that everyone has a true love. You can only piece the puzzles that are matched. If you forced the puzzles to match, they're never a picture, nor they're happy.

Have you found your puzzle?

Don't give up hope, because I believe, everybody has a piece of true match, waiting at the corner. And because I love my friends, I don't wish any of my friends would ever fall into this.

Let's not give up, for love.


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

*Disclaimer: If you intend to watch this movie, you might consider not reading this post!

Ever since I know this movie is releasing, I know I shall never missed this! How could one resist to watch Heath Ledger for the last time in cinema? Moreover, Johnny Depp and Jude Law were both playing a part as well. I can't resist, for sure.

My personal thoughts after watching the movie, I thought the show was very Buddhism. It was how a human deal with temptations and choices in life.

When the characters of the movie moved into the mirror, they're actually in Doctor Parnassus's mind. In this imaginative world, you will see the things you wanted the most. There will be two paths. One lead to temptations, one lead to reality. If you chose temptations, you'll die in Doctor Parnassus's mind, and hence, disappear from the real world, forever.

Doctor Parnassus himself had temptations too. Immortality and youth. That was why, he made deals with Devil. But the deal, was to give in any children he fathered to Devil when the child reached age of 16. When the little girl of Doctor Parnassus reached 16, that's when Doctor Parnassus worst nightmare came about. So deal after deal he made... Temptations and choices he had to face.

I thought, all the characters, Tony, Percy, Anton, the daughter, are reflections of Doctor Parnassus thoughts and temptations at different time. Because every human, at different time, we could act differently, having different characters and personality.

Percy was his angle every time he fell into Devil's trap, daughter was Love, Anton was heroic, Tony was trouble... The ending of the show, is all depends on Doctor Parnassus himself. Because he decided on which reflections to sacrifice, which reflections to stay.

I would like to watch this movie again, but not in the cinema anymore. It feels like The Matrix, you just have to watch 2nd time, to get a full picture of what the story wanted to tell you, in the hidden message.

Additional note:
I have never expected the transition of Heath Ledger to Johnny Depp could be so smooth. Wonderful!



When it's cold, I get warmth from coffee

When I'm tired, I get a kick from coffee

When I crave, I go for coffee

(for your information, i haven't had coffee for a while, been trying to get rid of drinking that everyday, but doesn't mean not drinking at all :D )


Darth Vader, I am :P

I've finally made a decision, to pay $99 for a pair of Adidas Limited Edition, Star Wars Series. I just love my new Darth Vader shoes :)

The Box

Even the wrapper was Darth Vader :)

The Shoes

When Darth Vader meets Darth Vader

He's happy because the force is with him :P

Swimming happily in the world of Darth Vader

My colleague went to the shop with me during lunch time. He's not as crazy as I am towards Star Wars, but he'd like to check the Stormtrooper Shoes out too. I was persuading him so hard to buy, because I would like to "mind control" him.
(Actually the Stormtrooper shoes are better looking, because they're white. But, I'm just not going to buy Stormtrooper, seriously, I don't want to be the clones)

Unfortunately, he didn't buy. So me, the "Darth Vader" couldn't mind control anybody la~~~~

I'm sure I'll hear Darth Vader theme in the wind when I put this on >.<