おにぎり (Onigiri)

鮭おにぎり (Salmon Onigiri)

鮪おにぎり (Tuna Onigiri)

If you'd read my photo blog, you would know I'm currently a big fan of onigiri >.<

1. Japanese short grain rice
2. Japanese vinegar
3. Pinch of salt
4. Salmon or Tuna (TC Boy Tuna in Vegetable Oil-Kia Hooi, I help you to advertise!) or any other fillings of your choice (I am thinking of bacon for the future onigiri)
5. Furikake or Sesame for the toppings
6. Seaweed

1. Japanese rice to water ratio 1:1.5.
2. Let the rice sit in the rice cooker for 15 mins more after it's cooked.
3. Add a spoonful (Chinese soup spoon) of vinegar into the rice, and fluff the rice.
4. Wet your hands, coat with a bit of salt when you make the rice ball.
5. Top with furikake or black sesame.
6. Wrap with seaweed.

For salmon,
1. Marinate salmon with salt (I like to use garlic salt), extra virgin olive oil and a bit of parsley for about half an hour.
2. Pan fry the marinated salmon with butter.
3. Do not overcook salmon, fry with medium heat and turn off the heat as soon as the salmon turned pink.
4. Seared the salmon into pieces. You can also add some pepper.

For Tuna (use white meat tuna for better taste, as Kia Hooi taught me!)
1. You don't have to do anything. Unless you need more flavor, you could add some pepper to it.

You can either wrap a little fillings into the rice ball like I did for my salmon onigiri (first picture) or mix the fillings together with rice when you're fluffing it (second picture). The latter helps to save some time.

For overnight onigiri, Sheena taught me to pan fried it with sesame oil. It's fragrant and delicious :)

I'm loving it~






“Wei and I have never met each other, neither would I say we know each other well. But there's a mutual interest, an agreeable mind and thoughts that could travel miles. I trust in her pick of books, her views through the lense, her taste on food, her values of life. I feel I do know you, after all. One day, we shall meet and I shall share my 'evenings' with your 'mornings'?”



The Love Violin Concerto by Tan Dun

I like Tan Dun, ever since I saw his interview with Lu Yu. He's such a romantic, cute, happy person, full of enthusiasm to his life and music.

When I knew SSO was going to play Tan Dun's new Violin Concerto, I was happy, I thought he's coming to Singapore to conduct his own piece! But to my disappointment, he's not. But I still invited Sock Hoai and so we went.

I know Tan Dun's pieces were always a bit different from the conservative classical that we know. But this new piece, is top of the it! But yet, it's such a suspense that holds your attention to listen through the whole piece.

I do not know whether it's because he had been composing a lot of soundtracks, listening to this violin concerto felt like watching a movie. A movie, with chasing scenes in a chaotic city, cars and people in the background. At times those people ran into park, where there are families in the background. At times they're in the alley. At times they even ran into Chinatown! And this piece definitely ended with a bang.

Well, maybe one day Tan Dun will be here, conducting his own pieces, and I'll attend :)

Other pieces of the concert were not popular classical pieces, but I kinda like them too. And they're all new to me!
2. The Love Violin Concerto by Tan Dun









Totally Immersed in my Homework

I have assigned a homework to myself, which is, to post a photo a day on my photo blog, like a photo diary for my own.

After a few days, I realized, that is a damn tough job! Why did I sign myself in to this in the first place? Most of my photos were taken in the evening, after work. (Obviously, I can't do those at work) And there were days I skipped because I reached home too late, and it was sometimes past 12am to the next day, there's no way to turn the clock back just for "daily photo" (Excuses.... obviously)

The most difficult part is, what should I take on my routine daily life?

However, it may seem crazy, but I've been enjoying this tough assignment. As Sheena mentioned, it helps me to pay more attention to little things that happen in daily life. Which is so true.

Maybe 365 days from now, when I look back to this collection, I will feel very satisfied for what I've done :)

Assignment for myself is always better than assignments from teachers :p

(The photos were labeled as Daily Scribble in Photo Blog)



我才知道,那个我曾经觉得,ok la的人,其实不喜欢我,甚至有点讨厌我。





Nando's Chicken

The last day of my home trip was spent for 扫墓 at Penang Island, my grandparents. We woke up early morning, packed everything needed for 扫墓 as well as my bag pack to fly back to Singapore.

It was unearthly 6am when we departed from home. I didn't bring my camera up to the hill along as I thought my mom will scold, but ended up she didn't scold my sister. Next year, I'll bring.

After扫墓, there's no point to go back to BM and then came out to airport again. So we had our breakfast dim sum then shopping at Gurney Plaza. Didn't get anything, but I've got my long missing Nando's Chicken in Gurney Plaza before I flew to Singapore.

There's no Nando's Chicken here in Singapore, but there's one Nando's alike, called Barcelos. I don't quite like it, it's more expensive, and definitely not as tasty. Things back home, are always the best.

We're all full from our breakfast, so mom and dad ordered the half chicken set to share. Looks yummy isn't it?

Ah En, YY and I shared a platter. YY and I couldn't stop taking photos, but the food were so tempting, my dad just had to make us act faster! Hahaha.... It's really hard for them to have a good meal when YY and I brought our cameras along. Pity...

A meal at Nando's before departing to the Lion City, real good. But it's never as good as dining at home.

Mom's cooking is still the best in the world.




















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