2008 is Coming to An END

I can't believe it, that I am now sitting in the dark with my dad's lappie in the room, typing this blog as it is the 2nd last day of year 2008. I'm a little bit nervous to welcome the arrival of 2009 so soon, too soon.

As everybody has predicted that 2009 will have an even worse economic crisis compared to 2008. As a relatively newbie to the society, I have the fear to face this. I am lack of courage. However, my dad and sister had been a very positive role model in this. How can I ever forget there are role models at home, that I can learn from. Sometimes through words, sometimes through actions.

I have not been very matured in my first year and a half at work. There are lots of problems that I faced from time to time, that I think I could have handled them with a more professional way. I could have seek advice from fellow colleagues earlier than I did sometimes, but I didn't because I have pride that I think I can do it by myself. Sometimes I learn it a hard way to get things done, but along the way, I really appreciate people whom offered helping hands from time to time. Nobody in this world can handle everything by his/her own, seeking advice and admit one's limitation ain't going to kill anybody! Remember this! (I'm just talking to myself)

I admit, I have not been very sensitive to my dollars and cents in the past one year. I was even less sensitive compared to my 4 years in university, this is not a very good sign. The angel and demon in my body were having a tug of war all the time. The angel always reminds me of my planning and records, while the demon pulled me into laziness. Well, the demon won for a year, and I have decided to let angel win in the coming years. In the current economic status, nobody can wait and let things happen.

It has come to a point that I realized I'm at the age of no turning back. I'm no longer very young, and this is the golden time to strive for things I want in my life. Dreams that I have had since young. Of course, all the dreams need to be evaluated. Plans are needed and courages are required to execute for a change. Things that had happened in Malaysia and US are examples of will power can bring changes, don't they? History that opposition parties have made, are the first step to change. For better or worse, we'll see. I had written some plans in my little green note pad previously, on Jan when I got back to Singapore, I will spend another weekend to look at the plans thoroughly, and start executing them one by one based on priority.

I'm at the age of no turning back. This is the time, to have what I want to have, to be who I want to be. Don't be envious and jealous to other's success. I too can make a difference in myself, I don't have to be jealous as I sometimes did. One should be sincerely happy for a friend's success and happiness.

My relationship with my family is as strong as ever. But I did something hurtful to my dad my passing some stupid "humour" jokes about dollars and cents, I did not have the guts to say sorry face to face to him. I hope he forgive me by reading my email after the incident. Home trips are always the most joyous moments I enjoy. Spending time with my parents at the dining table, playing games with my siblings, shopping with my aunt and cousins, having meals together, going to cinema together, every simple things that had happened, had made my life better. I know if I ever need help, these people will always stand by me. If my family ever needs help, I will always give support. They are the best thing in my life.

Year 2008 was the 5th year of my relationship with Yee Hau. Looking back to myself back then, so immature in handling relationship, I think he had put in a lot of efforts in enduring the emotional part of me. I appreciate him as an honest and open person, who will never hide his opinions to me. Direct opinions often hurt, but after calming myself, I often found that he made the points, especially when I'm being not realistics. I am not afraid to commit that he is going to be my life long companion, a good partner and a good friend. But wedding that needs to spend money will have to wait. Commitments can be made without wedding dinner and ceremony. Commiments of two persons to spend a life time together are made with hearts.

I don't have to tell you what are my plans in 2009, especially there are some ammendments needed. But if you ever found that laziness had crawling into my soul, please remind me, that I'm at the age of no turning back.

Looking back at 2008, I have lots of joyous moments as ever. Family and friends are always around, to fill me with love and care. Though I have to learn things from the hard way sometimes, but it's a learning at the end of the day. As long as I remember them, learn them by heart, I am sure I will be better every day, every year.

Since I will not be able to blog on the first day of year 2009, I will wish everybody Happy New Year in advance. May all you dreams come true!

Happy New Year!

Cambodia, here I come

I'm going off from Penang from tomorrow onwards. I'll be travelling to Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon with Kia Hooi and Wooi Fong. We'll be staying around at Fong's sister's place for a night, then we'll catch a flight to Siam Reap on 31st morning.

We'll spend 5D4N in Cambodia. I won't be back to Penang after the trip, but I'll fly to Singapore and start working on 5th of Jan. I'll be only be back on CNY, which is just around the corner, I can't wait!

Thanks to Han Chean who had done most of the work for this trip at the end of it. Thank you Han Chean to make the trip happens :P

Yeah girls, we're going to have fun!
(Han Chean, you're considered a girl too :P)


Some Recollections

So finally someone complained that I have not been blogging for some time. At least I know there are still people reading it :P


I've been back at home for a week. Yes, wonder how time can fly so fast, I've already rotting for a week. I have an entry half written to tell people what I have done on the past weekend, but the TMNUT was bloody slow in uploading photos, I've decided to postpone the publishing of the post. Bloody **** TMNUT had not been good for the past few years, I wish Santa Clause didn't give them anything for Christmas. If he did, let's make it shit.


I've reached home on 20.12.2008 morning. I didn't have much time to rest on that particular morning. I had my breakfast with my family, changed and there I went to Khoo Kongsi for some ceremony and also dinner, for consecutively two days. This was actually the half written post I've been talking about. Let me postpone this, ok? On 21.12.2008, of course we did celebrate Winter Solstice too. What's more? We watched "Ip Man" at Gurney Plaza too! Oh... I just can't help loving Donnie Yen, he's soooooooooooooo COOL!


On 22.12.2008 and 23.12.2008, finally I've got some time to sleep a little bit later, got myself a new pair of spectacles. But still didn't manage to get myself a medical checkup. I better hurry up! And I also didn't have the time to call Soon Oo up as I've promised him. And what's more, I had one of the worst diarrhea ever, due to a overdue chicken pie as breakfast. I lost all my energy through one time vomitting and over 20 times (according to Ah En's calculations) diarrhea. I finally stopped the diarrhea with the "Goh Tak Sua" and the Kopi O, they worked quite well. I also managed to get myself hyrated with 100plus.


24.12.2008, it's X'mas eve already. Despite of my previous night's terrible diarrhea, we woke up early to Penang again. My sis had made a facial appointment for both of us, so here we went! The facial was quite relaxing, I almost fell asleep. Then as usual, we went shopping and eating with my aunt and cousins.


On Christmas Day, we went to my Wu Yi's house to celebrate an Ang Moh's type of Christmas. This was the first time I had X'mas pudding, X'mas cake, Turkey, stuffings etc for X'mas. It was fun. Of course it wouldn't be that fun without all my cousins! Ah Yuan had been very fast to blog about this, so I let him do the stories while I postpone all the entries that would involve photos uploading.


Today, I went shopping with my best companions in BM, Kia Hooi and Wooi Fong. We brought all our swimming customes thinking we would do shopping+swimming, but all we did was shopping!!!!! All of us had a lot to bring home, and that was so cool~


All the above were just a "summary" (I'll fail Rumusan with this) of what I've been doing since 20.12.2008 when I stepped my feet in Penang. I realized I don't have too much time here in Penang before I fly to Cambodia, I really better start doing all the things I would like to do before I complained I always don't have enough time.

PS Gosh, I realized I have so much to blog about after I came back from Cambodia. The postponed Khoo Kongsi ceremony and X'mas, and also my upcoming Cambodia trip with Kia Hooi, Wooi Fong and Han Chean. Cool~

Till then~


Of Wedding and Love



男方发表他爱的宣言的时候, 几度哽咽。虽然感人,可是,这种向大众宣布的爱,我始终有点不习惯。不只是爱的宣言,之后,婚礼主持人还将男女方从如何结识,如何坠入爱河,如何决定要对方成为终生伴侣,种种私人的事情全暴露于所有人。如果是我,我会超级不自在。







My First Half Marathon

Finally, the day has come, I completed the first half marathon in my life. But, it's a rather painful experience.

The event is a madness! There are total 50,000 people joining the event! Well, I guess the ERP gantry is too expensive to drive in city area, and the cab, MRT and buses fare went up too, therefore, people want to use their legs to "commute" around the town area. Hahahaha!

Before the Race
Ever since my Nike Run on 31st August, I have had knee pain, though not very serious. So on and off during my routine running, I do feel the pressure on my knees. I bought knee guards to protect them, and my mom also gave me the glucosamine pills, but I didn't take any of them till now. To make things worse, last Sunday, I ran a 10km in gym, then I developed some muscle pain, but not too serious.

On the Race Day
We woke up at 3.30am to get prepared. We took the 5am bus to the race venue, deposited the bag, warm up, went to toilet and 6.30am, off we go! But even before I hit 5km, I've already got knee pain. I thought of giving up and start walking, but when I thought of the 16km ahead of me, I decided to continue running.

Until I got to the "banana station", I know it's 13km already. So I had the banana, and started my walking-running-walking-running, all the way till the finishing line. I was glad I finally made it, but I felt my legs don't belong to me anymore... Hahahaha!

How long did I take to run? Very embarrassingly, it took me 3 hours and 3mins to finish the half marathon. Hm....

After the Race
After I finally collected my bag, Yee Hau and my friends must have been waiting for me for soooooo bloody long. We rested for a while (I rested for a while), then we went to Raffles City to have Buger King breakfast.

When I finally reached home, I slept for a few hours.... Hahaha... And there goes a day~


Stan Smith K

I bought a pair of Adidas Stan Smith in Vivo City on Monday this week after work. I've always wanted this type of shoes, but I always failed to get one. The answers I've got from the shops are mostly "Sorry Ma'am, we don't have the size" and "Sorry Ma'am, this is a design for men". Sigh...

Finally on Monday, I found size 4 in Adidas shop in Vivo City. I asked the promoter if they have other colours. He showed me another one in white with dark blue, asked me if I'd like to try that. But I looked at him in the most puzzled expression I have "This size?"

You can't believe it, he showed me a shoes for... baby maybe. Then he kindly explained to me "Ma'am, you're actually trying on the kids' design."

Oh my god!

Realize the "K"? It's for kids.

It's quite embarrasing initially, to purchase a pair kids' shoes. But when I knew I was paying half of the price of the adults' shoes, I was more than delighted! I paid $53 for this pair of shoes, while new arrival of adults shoes are close to $100 or even more!


From now onwards, I'm doing to shop for kids shoes.



It's late at night, I should be sleeping but I don't feel like going to bed at all. So I just want to scribble a bit here and there before I get myself into the pillows.

Things can be good in a day, and then turned bad in another day. I know this, but sometimes my emotion and hormones just don't seem to get me going with the flow. And my face, yes, my face will always show it. Even when I'm trying to control, the high blood flow will show my red face at times like this.

At times, I can get through with things, act cool and forget them in another minute. But at times like this, with my hormone imbalance (PMS is here), and with all the economy downturn (Yes, nowadays you're allowed to blame anything to the economy, even to the Mumbai attack), my mood just seem to recover slower. Especially when someone accidentally or purposely stepped on my tail (If I have one).

I told Celeste earlier in our dinner, "We don't live in an ideal world". This is more for her than for me. We don't live in an ideal world. Hence, we just can't expect everyone has a common sense to daily things. And we can't expect everyone can be as considerate as possible. We can't expect a lot of things.

It's not ideal, and I have to go with the flow and live with it. But, I'll never let go of my principles.