Missing Comments

There had been some time that I realized there weren't any comments on my entries, but of course, I keep writing anyhow.

I seldom sign in to my dashboard, but I did a few minutes ago, to realize I have quite a lot of comments awaiting for my approval to publish!!! I've totally forgotten that I requested for comments moderation since there are a lot of spam on my blog comments....

Thank you to all my friends and some anonymous readers who have left comments for me! Sorry for letting them sitting at the dashboard for so long...

Thank you for reading :)














Best Manual in the World

When they said treat your readers like an idiot, this manual took it literally.


Nodame Cantabile Finale & 1812 Overture

Thanks to Sock Hoai, I became a fan of Nodame since I watched the hilarious japanese drama. Since then, I watched all the released movies, including the latest finale in Paris, with Sock Hoai and Ai Mei of course, who else :)

Nodame never failed to make us laugh like crazy, even though we had so little sleep the night before. (SH only slept for one hour, poor thing)

But today, I'm actually writing to tell you about 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky, instead of the movie. I always like Tchaikovsky's pieces, 1812 Overture was also one of my favourite. During the show, I was very delighted when this song was in their song list of the concert.

At the end of the piece, there's a scene where the concert manager went out of the concert hall, and lit up the cannons. The entire cinema was laughing, including me of course. I thought it was just another joke.

But this afternoon, I found out, I am the joke to have laughed at that scene!

I was playing 1812 Overture from Youtube on headphone while writing a report today. As the song approached the end, I heard some familiar sounds. I thought, "This percussion really sounds like a bomb!" So curiously, I turned on the monitor to check what percussion was that. To my surprise, the concert was really firing something on the stage!!!

I couldn't help myself sharing this with Sock Hoai and she as dumbfounded as I was. She googled and found out that "cannons" were actually listed in instruments in this song!

Still couldn't believe? Watch this video and read the info at right column.

I am very impressed!


Alice in Wonderland in 3D

Downloaded from entertainmentwallpaper.com

I've watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D. The 3D was very smooth and there are lots of depths in the 3D, hence, it makes things really really 3D! And this time, the 3D glasses are better, I felt more comfortable throughout the entire show, there's no need to adjust the glasses every few minutes.

The story has nothing to shout about. It's a Disney show, good and evil are very distinct. You know the story from start to end by 5 minutes of the show. But, if you grow up watching Disney cartoons like me, and can still remember bits and pieces of the old cartoons even when you're way past your childhood. Well, I think you should never miss this show.

The blue caterpillar, the mad hatter, the white rabbit, the red queens, the cards soldiers, the cat, the weird animals, the twins etc... They are memories of my childhood, and watching them, feels like meeting old friends.

Yee Hau complained the story was too flat.

I thought they're ok, because I'm only expecting fairy tales from Disney, not any super big film.

Rating? I should give a 3/5, it was not as good as I expected it to be. But, the wonderful colour had made me feel Wonderland enough :)

Anyway, it's my "Happy Unbirthday" today :D


Alice in Wonderland

Everybody knows I'm a JD fan.

But you may not know, I grow up watching tonnes of cartoons. I meant tonnes! And a lot of time, I watched them repeatedly as if there's nothing else to do in the world. Alice in Wonderland was one of them.

I've been looking forward for Alice in Wonderland in movie since I knew Tim Burton was going to make one :D Tim Burton & Johnny Depp, the best!

I was just preparing myself for the show, so I searched for the pieces of Wonderland memories on Youtube. Oh gosh... I love it!

The Unbirthday Party, the Caterpillar, the Queen etc...

However, my colleague commented that this show makes him feel like everybody is on drug! Is that it? I thought it was full of imagination~