Approximately 3 weeks after my lower braces been installed, I visited my dentist again last Thursday. To check if the upper is ready for braces.

Apparently, the upper is not that ready, because my "tigress teeth" at left side had not moved a lot as what the dentist expected. But the right side did a better job. So, my dentist installed braces for two teeth at my upper left, behind my "tigress teeth", so that they move inwards, that allows my tigress teeth to come down.

As usual, the dentist will tighten the braces, and asked if what colour I want. Since, it's going to be a festive season this month, I chose pink, just to be brighter~


Curly in Nature

Everybody knows I have my very curly hair, by nature. Got it from my father, but obviously 青出于蓝.

On my 4th day after rebonding, the waviness is back, that gave my hair a little more volume. It is currently staying at where the 4th day was. I hope it just stay there for a longer time.



Bacon Mushroom Creamy Pasta

The pasta in the picture is no other than the Penis Pasta that Hui Nee bought for me when I went to San Francisco :P

Pasta of your choice
White wine
Mushrooms (Button mushroom or portobello)
Blue Cheese

  1. Cook pasta to al Dante
  2. While waiting pasta to cook, sliced mushrooms and bacon into small pieces
  3. Set the cooked pasta aside
  4. Melt butter in a pan
  5. When heated, pour in the sliced mushrooms and bacon to cook
  6. When the mushrooms and bacon are cooked, pour in cream (I use 1.5 tablespoon for single person serving), blue cheese & white wine and stir to mix well
  7. Turn to small heat and season with salt and pepper
  8. Mix in pasta and stir well and turn off the heat
  9. Set the pasta in your plate and dress with shredded blue cheese and parsley
  10. Serve :)
Side note:
You can always replace blue cheese with other types of cheese. But I find blue cheese didn't taste as bad when it's mixed into pasta :)

I love Pasta but...
Yee Hau couldn't stomach my habit of eating like an Italian, Pasta for 5 days a week. Therefore, I normally cook pasta for myself, when he's not around after work. In my opinion, pasta is the easiest thing to cook, especially when you're hungry after work :)

I haven't bought any pasta sauce from supermarket for such a long time, since I've started to invent my own pasta or reference to some recipes.



What is Metrosexual?

Half Gay.

*Quoted from a conversation between my colleagues during lunch time












不久之前,我心想,可以买一架便宜的polaroid camera来玩玩,送自己一份生日礼物(借口!)。可上网看看找找,觉得网友们说的也有道理。虽然polaroid camera不贵,但是市场已经非常小,玩一下可能就再也找不到菲林了,到时候,有相机也没有用。


机身虽然是大了点(是很大好不好!),要挤进我的包包都有点困难。我在想,我该怎么样带着我的宝贝olympus还有这架instax到台湾去旅行呢?好像有点mission impossible哩……



我托慧妮帮我订了一架instax 210。原本说好周一(美国时间)会抵达慧妮的家,我一直忍着不想问,结果还是忍不住,问了。到是到了,可是错了!真是@#$%#$&$%*&^&*











Orchard & Fondue

After the meal at Itacho, we took a stroll along Orchard Road with Christmas mood.

A picture taken at the huge Christmas tree outside Ion Orchard.

And that's the interior of the walk-in Christmas tree. It was so bright I thought I need a pair of sunglasses.

My weaknesses when I go shopping, jackets, hats, sunglasses. I like this hat, it feels like MJ :P

I saw the fondue set on offer, so I bought one and immediately shopped for the necessary ingredients. I can't even wait any longer, I started to make one immediately after I got home. And it was a success >.<
Chocolate does make one happy, doesn't it?

(PS. I tried to make one for my friends last night and it failed, I was so sad and so Paise...)


Itacho Sushi

To cheer the naggy-moody-braces-patient like me, Yee Hau said we should go out to walk walk after work on Friday. So we went to Orchard, to walk around with all the X'mas lights and have some soft food that I can dine in with.

Walking around ION Orchard, we realized there wasn't much choices, and Japanese food appeared to be the most suitable choice. Yee Hau had heard about Itacho from his friends and so we decided to give it a try.

The queue was very long but since I wasn't too hungry yet (ever since the tooth extraction, my tummy was very well trained to be not hungry), we followed the crowd. There are some crazy promotion going on like: Toro sushi $8 per piece (I had once in Miraku in Penang that cost Jie Jie's bill RM30 per piece), and some salmon sushi $0.40 per piece! Yum, I'm hungry now!

We had mostly very soft food:
1. Crab meat chawanmushi
2. Crab meat salad
3. Salmon sushi
4. Salmon fried with soy sauce sushi
5. Japanese egg roll

Yum, I was satisfied. The sushi cut wasn't too thick, which is just nice for th salmon texture. And the Salmon was actually bigger than the rice roll, just like the size of sushi I had in Narita Airport. Man, how I missed that >.<

And the happiest thing of eating at Itacho, is the bill. Having around 14 pieces of sushi in total, and so many other side dishes, the bill was only $28. Of course, we ordered a lot from the promotion items, because we're very clever consumers :P

For the price and its quality, Itacho deserves to be in our star list. Lets hope it will continue running business with the same quality in the long run.

When the torture begins...










12 月10日,还要再去看牙医。这一次,可能上排牙就会变铁齿了。


Black/Grey Listed #1

Yee Hau and I have been talking about creating a list of black listed eat outs in Singapore. Ever since we started to cook, we find that a lot of food outlets in Singapore are just unacceptably pricey and not serving the good food.

We have a few in mind like:
  • Pastamania (seriously, I'm cooking better pasta that this franchise do)
  • Secret Recipe in IMM (we saw cockroach there and we also find that the cheesecakes are no longer smooth and soft as long ago)
  • Ikea fried chicken wings (We used to order this every time we visit Ikea but no more. It's no longer as delicious as it used to be)
  • Barcelos (Not really a black listed item, but it's pricey and not as good as Nando's Chicken)
  • Shokudo (A japanese restaurant that is not serving japanese food, pricey and not delicious)
  • Sakae Sushi (the grilled items in the menu are not really grilled, they simply put into the oven)
  • Nasi Lemak at Food Republic Vivo City (super pricey, simply a 3 dishes nasi lemak can cost you up to $6-8)
  • Red Lacquer Penang Peranakan (Char Kuay Teow that doesn't taste like one)
The latest outlet that came into the list is Wong Kok Cha Can Ting. Yes, they have celebrity that advertised for them, they have interesting menu like Ku Tin Lok. Seriously, they have Ku Tin Lok!

But the food are extremely pricey, a toast bread that cost me $5.40! That's outrageous. And the toast bread wasn't toast enough. A simple lunch that both of us wasn't too full, cost us more than $24! So, it's a No No!

Of course, we'll have a Star List too. So stay tuned~

(Disclaminer: This is not an advertisement. The comments are made based on personal experience.)


Shall we rely so much on networking website?

Have you ever started a conversation like this?

"Hey, do you know A & B are getting married? I just saw that on Facebook today!"


"Hey, do you know C had already gave birth to her first child? I saw her photos on Facebook"


"D & E just broke up recently... I saw their relationship status"

or.... The list just goes on and on. I bet anyone of you must have some conversation that is somewhat similar to one of these mentioned.

A few of my friends were talking the other day, feeling the same thing about how bad it feels when your good friend, though not the closest and not the bestest friend, decided to announce their "ROM" or "wedding banquet" or "engaged status" through networking websites. We would like to be informed with the good news, even with an email or just a simple sms would do, it just feels more personal. We don't really bother if we're not invited, as a lot of time we're so far away from home, it could be inconvenient. But we really want to share the good news.

Lately, Chun Sin had just asked us out to have a lunch gathering, to announce to us her wedding on March next year. We're so excited for her, we started "wedding planning" on the spot like nobody business. I really appreciate that she announced to us, personally.

All of us, felt the simple joy for her.

Maybe all the networking website had taught us how to forget a bit of personal touch. So friends out there, please, if you are getting married, at least send me a text, I'll be jumping with joy for you!


Sexiest Man Alive

Johnny Depp has claimed his sexiest title again!

There was a few years, they gave the title to Matt Damon, I was like "what?!", how can Matt Damon beat Johnny. I mean, seriously!

We know that impossible, right?


We know the judge must have missed this photo :P

(Yea, he's kinda weirdo, but I like it :P)














This Is It



这场演唱会未能实现,实在是非常可惜的事。很佩服MJ和所有演唱会团员,把每首百听不厌的歌曲,演出过无数次的舞蹈,创新再创新。其实即便他重演一切,我还是觉得一样好看。可是,MJ是完美主义者,怎么可能让自己如此谢幕。很多歌曲,The way you make me feel, Black or White, They don't really care about us, Thriller 都玩了好多效果。Choreograph好得不得了。Jackson 5的旋律响起的时候我不能置信,不是吧,很老了唱了会不会奇怪?答案是不会。










Excitement vs Routine

A good friend of mine had told me she needs excitement.

Yes, life is indeed a process.

Born, Grow Up, Play, Schooling, Graduate, Work, Get married, Buy a house, Have Children, Aging, Say goodbye

Indeed, it sounds very boring.

But, life is like cooking. If I were to cook you your favorite food, say mushrooms, with just mushrooms, I bet you'll hate the dish. But, if I were to cook you mushrooms, with salt, butter, garlic, onions, pepper, and maybe even garnish with some parsley, the dish could be quite savoring.

You can only serve a delicious dish if you love cooking.

Same for life.

My first two years in Singapore, I've got to tell you, I hated it. No life, I kept telling friends and family. I learned how to appreciate what I have, how to tune to different types of lifestyles, how to accustom to different type of people when I spent my one semester in Beijing.

Then, my life in Singapore is no longer the same.

I learn how to enjoy, I learn how to find excitement of my own, even they're sometimes a bit different from excitements from others' perspective.

A nice photo makes my day
A new dish I cooked makes me happy
A trip to picnic by the beach
A short trip back home
A day with my cousins
etc. and the list goes on

How would I describe my life now? Pretty exciting sometimes, packed with my own activities, be it with friends or family or on my own, be it very different or very general. But like anybody else, there aren't excitements everyday.

Because when excitement becomes a routine, there will be no excitement anymore.

Every little small things can change our life, excitements don't drop from the sky, get one yourself!


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Watching cartoon is one of the funnest things to do with my siblings. And with my Deepavali home trip, we watched the currently showing, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, in 3D.

The story was not something to shout about, a kid who dream to be a great scientist and how he failed repeatedly to finally become successful. The 3D effect wasn't as great as Up, still my favourite animation of 2009 by far.

However, for a great laugh, those meatballs have really made the cinema blasted with laughters, almost non-stop.

I would still give 3/5 for this show.



Disastrous Star Wars Toys

I saw this in one of the shops in Plaza Singapura last weekend. Donald Duck as Han Solo, I almost bought this for Ying Ying. Since both DD and Han Solo are her favourite characters. But come to think of it, this is just... so...

Even worse, Minnie Mouse as Princess Leia which was just beside DD. I almost fainted...

But, the worst has yet to come...

~The Most Sissy Darth Vader EVER~


The Aviator

It's a really old movie, back dated to year 2004. I do not remember why on earth I'd miss this movie in cinema. I remember I wanted to watch this, I blamed that on Yee Hau whom didn't chose this movie at the cinema, for what other movie, I didn't remember actually.

Well, at least he made up with a DVD on weekends.


The Aviator is not a movie you'd liked to miss. Great acting from Leonardo DiCaprio had really made Howard Hughes a very attractive character, though, at the end of the show, he had turned crazy.

There's no need in story elaboration, since it was actually made from true story. Leonardo is really such a charismatic actor! But I guess actresses would hate him, because he made every other women looked so old.



Bruce Willis 是放弃看Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 而选择Surrogates的唯一理由。

昨天,我拎着生日优惠,在GV和毓豪徘徊决定于这两部电影之间,而他坚持“不是吧,又看卡通”,而我也觉得“Ok 啦,至少是Bruce,应该还可以”,就看了。



当然,Bruce还是英雄,可我还是情愿看他在Die Hard里怎么打怎么炸他都不死。



(观后,毓豪说District 9比这个好看多了。我看着他,两个不同等级的东西是不能够拿来作比较的。)




















  1. 龙华茶楼
  2. 大三巴坊一带,驰名黄枝记
  3. 跑狗场
  4. 松山灯塔
  5. 赌场
  6. 西望洋教堂
  7. 妈阁庙
  8. 澳门观光塔
  9. 营地大街,金马轮咖啡饼店
  10. 殷皇子大马路,澳门茶餐厅
    不是非常特别的地方,可我俩在那里吃了两晚的宵夜,因为姐姐说那里的凌蜜(honey lemon)最好喝
  1. 最好吃的蛋挞,Lord Stow's Garden Cafe
  2. 路环消磨时光
  3. 氹仔停停走走
























Comfort Food

On the day I flew home on Raya, I didn't have time to grab a proper lunch until I checked in at Terminal 1. I grabbed something quick from Toast Box like 10mins before my boarding time.

Among all things, I least expect myself to blurt out THIS when the cute waiter asked me what I would like to order.

A comfort food maybe?


This is how I spoil myself

A bottle of Hoegaarden and some Lay's potato chips.

Man, I better be exercising tomorrow!


No! That's My FOOD!

My dad gave me a call this afternoon when I was having my lunch somewhere nearby my house.

Dad:"What are you eating?"
Me:"Nasi Briyani"
Dad:"Hey, that's Malaysia food! You gotta pay patent when you eat this in Singapore!"


By now, I believe everybody should know of the stupid "my food" fight. It's one of the most idiotic thing that has ever happened. And worst, our beloved Ng Yen Yen said she wanted to patent all the Malaysia delicacies. Great Brain you have minister!

Does that mean we got to pay US when we eat burger? Does that mean we got to pay Italy when we eat spaghetti? Does that mean the ang mohs got to pay all the asia countries when they eat rice 'coz that's not their main diet?

That's very stupid! Truly mempersiasuikan!!!!

I never like Chef Wan when Mama used to watch all his cooking programme. But hey, he stood up to say something about the stupid fight!

So I guess Ng Yen Yen never eat Singapore Popiah?








It's been long...

It's been long since I felt suffocated...

I can take this once, twice, thrice... But I asked myself, then what?


Out of Town

I'll be out of town for 4 days~

Going to Macau with my sister, yes yes... I know... I totally understand the questions you have in your mind... But not for gambling...

But yea, I'm still going despite of so many trips I have had this year.

See ya~


100 facts

It's kind of fun to read Ah En's 200 facts about himself to celebrate his 200th post in his blog. I wanted to do something similar, but I am not able to write 529 facts about myself, I might take years to write this.

So, I will write as much as I can :P

Here comes the facts...

  1. I'm reading 金庸's 天龙八部
  2. I neglected all the chores at home, my room is a mess, because I'm addicted to #1
  3. I cannot take idiotic characters, that's why I couldn't finish this book in secondary school days.
  4. I am a Star Wars fan
  5. We (YY, En and I) repeatedly watched Star Wars.... and we never get bored
  6. I repeatedly watch Indiana Jones III with YY without getting bored too
  7. I cry for movie
  8. I cry for fictions
  9. I cry for disasters news
  10. That is how I know I can never be a doctor and a reporter
  11. I am Jacky Cheung's die hard fan. He's the only singer that I wish to go to his concert again and again
  12. I used to wish I could be a motor racer. Driving the gigantic bike and make a turn with the knee touching the ground seems cool back then (Before kindergarten)
  13. I used to wish I could be a fireman. Because swinging down from the pole seems cool back then.
  14. I thought movies like "Sound of Music" really make songs impromptu as they wish back then.
  15. I thought the actors and actresses were real husbands and wives in movies and real life until I figured they have too many partners at the same time (back then)
  16. I was an arrogant kid back then in primary school
  17. I overcome stage fright since Primary 2
  18. But stage fright came back when I first joined the work force
  19. I have a defective nose. I'd probably die in a fire (if any)
  20. I had straight hair till kindergarten, that's the weirdest thing on earth
  21. I didn't even know how to cook a pot of rice when I stayed with my mom. Now, I can cook dinner for the whole house
  22. I wish I can sing better and have the courage to sing to everyone
  23. I want to learn to play guitar
  24. I want to learn to play violin
  25. I want to play piano again
  26. I want to play Yang Qin again
  27. If I were in a rock band, I want to play drums
  28. I want to go Mongolia
  29. I want to go Silk Road
  30. I want to go SiChuan
  31. I want to go Vienna
  32. I want to go Venice
  33. I wish I have a column
  34. I wish my photography skills can be better
  35. I wish I publish my own books (with my own self taken photographs and written articles)
  36. I wish I stay near clean sandy beach
  37. I want to have a golden retriever ever since I knew Ben (my aunt's bilingual dog)
  38. I am a Mythbusters fan, and it's showing now, so I'll pause for a while :P
  39. I'm already thinking how can Ah En wrote 200 facts about himself, because at 39, I have a problem already...
  40. I always feel very 惭愧, for not able to finish those chinese literature like 红楼梦、老残游记etc. The only one I finished is 西游记
  41. I hugged a tiger
  42. I swam with dolphins
  43. I miss Beijing
  45. I wish I could be a more outdoor person than what I am now
  46. I love coffee. I basically live with caffeine
  47. I love chocolate. Especially dark ones
  48. I hate to visit dental clinics. I used to cry on every visit when I was in primary school
  49. I think CSI is very cool (except CSI Miami)
  50. CSI is the only series I'm still following
  51. I still prefer snail mail than email
  52. I still prefer books than reading online
  53. I still like to have my hands dirty and stained by newspaper than reading online news
  54. I am afraid I will forget how to write one fine day
  55. I love to go cinema for movies
  56. I want Doraemon as a pet too
  57. I wish to watch a John Williams concert one day
  58. I want to see Yo Yo Ma playing cello too
  59. I like water activities
  60. I'm afraid of height
  61. I'm afraid of insects, especially cockroaches
  62. But I have to be "brave" to kill them when my sister is around...
  63. Ah En was my remote control until he knew how to say "NO!" to me
  64. I used to "feed" Ah En with spicy food, salty food, sour food (things that he doesn't like) when he's concentrating on games, and can't fight back
  65. I made a "shit" with plasticin and placed near Ah En and told mom that he pangsai in his pants :P
  66. Ah En is the first pet cat I have :P
  67. I look like my dad
  68. I told people that my sister came from sampah tang
  69. My sister (who came from sampah tang) is my best travel mate
  70. I became my father's "beer mate"
  71. I never like to fetch my dad
  72. Neither my mom
  73. Ah En is my best passenger
  74. My first and second boyfriend, is a same person
  75. I hate dentist but my boyfriend is one
  76. And he hates my teeth
  77. And he cannot understand why I wouldn't go for braces
  78. He also cannot understand why I always sleep early on my birthday
  79. I paid for his concert tickets when I asked him to accompany me to one :P
  80. I am running out of ideas...
  81. I was a "headache" to my piano teacher
  82. And he always complained to my mom when she paid the fees every month
  83. But years after that, he still hired me as a part time teacher for a month or two at his place
  84. And he insisted that the kids must call me "teacher" instead of "jie jie", but I secretly let them do so (again, his headache)
  85. I am an idiot to $
  86. Luckily I have YY and Yee Hau
  87. I made my job sounds cooler by saying it's a CSI job
  88. But it's not always as cool
  89. I have a small shoe size for my height, size 4
  90. I think staying in San Francisco is not a bad idea
  91. I wish I own a book store
  92. And there's a cafe inside the book store
  93. I was a chinese orchestra member, that that's the most memorable memory I have in my secondary school days
  94. Most of my best friends are chinese orchestra member too
  95. I try all means to keep in touch with my friends from time to time, because I miss them
  96. I called home very often
  97. I go home very often too
  98. I have a great close bond with my cousins
  99. I've been to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, US, Ireland, North Ireland, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali for the past few years.
  100. There are tonnes of things that I want to do before I die.
Ok, I think I'm going to stop at 100 :P
I'm going back to my item #1


District 9-尽显人性的弱点

看完了这部片,我想收回我以前曾经说过的一句话。曾经,我说Peter Jackson制作了Lord of the Rings三部曲以后,应该收山,见好就收,永远保持美好的名誉。


如果不是Peter Jackson,我们哪有这么一部好看的科幻片?这么多年,外星人侵犯地球的片子,来来去去,只有几个给以预想得到的剧情以及结局。外星人电影,就渐渐失去色彩。而District 9正改变了所有以往对外星人的偏见,而且,显示人性的弱点。



District 9,绝对是2009年最值得观看的科幻片!

Rating: 4.5/5 (0.5分,被有点太过血腥送走了)









一直想买Macro lens,可是又很穷,怎么办?

这次回家,在姐姐相熟的相机店败了这个Hoya close up +4的filter,以区区的RM60假假冒充macro lens。虽然不及macro lens的效果好,可是“无虾鱼也好”。

放了这个filter,发现颜色变得很淡。我不知是否同我的olympus在low light condition拍照不太好有无关系,看来下次等外头艳阳高照的时候再试一次。

我的法式面包晚餐,加上scramble egg和bacon。






打从Toy Story开始,我们三姐弟便是Pixar超级影迷。从来没有错过Pixar的任何一套动画。更有几部,我们是可以倒背如流。就连每一部动画前的Short Film,我们都是非常喜爱。背井离乡好几年,已经好多套Pixar没同姐姐和弟弟看,毓豪自然扮演了“超级影迷”来。(被逼的啦)








Orange Sunday

If my title is misleading, please forgive me. I'm a colour person, not a vege person. So I named my title with the colour of the day, not the fruits/vegetables that I made into juice :P

On Sunday morning, I decided I want some carrot milk.

And it was match made too! >.<"

My orange bubbles told me carrot milk is good for your skin. So, don't be lazy, drink this more often :D


Public Enemies

I've been looking forward for this movie ever since Khai Lin told me about it. Johnny Depp, how can one miss his movie??

I was very excited when I knew this is going to be played by Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. But, it was a shock that Christian Bale was the biggest disappointment in this show! In his first scene, I thought "Man! Why did he act like Keanu???"

If you like Johnny Depp (like me!!!), it's still a show to watch, because he's simply the best!

Side note, the soundtrack was very good :D
(Do let me know if you're interested)

Rating: 3/5 (all the stars go to JD!)

PS. The veteran policeman was very charismatic as well!


Green Saturday

I bought a juicer just Tuesday, finally.

I've tried making juice from blender, and it's a lot more hard work! So, I think I better use a juicer, especially if I'm planning to do more fruit fasting.

A glass of apple celery juice, good for people with high blood pressure.

And you know what, I don't feel so guilty from my oily prata breakfast after this glass of healthy juice :P














Boobs Pasta

Back in San Francisco almost one month ago, we saw this in a shop at Fisherman's Wharf. After which, Hui Nee posted the photos on Facebook and we started to joke how would the pasta looks like if they were cooked.

Hui Nee took it so seriously, she actually bought them for me!

And I promised her, I'd take pictures and show her how do they look like.

Before cook. Oh, you saw the nipples?

Cooked. Slightly deformed but can still see the shapes.

But after stirring with my ingredients, I can't find the boobs??!! They became a plate of normal pasta...

Oh... There they go, a deformed boob.