Of Work

Yes, I went to Dublin for work, not for backpacking. (though from my photos I really look like I did :P)

I tried my best to absorb things that are out of my comfort zone, as much as I can. I was Materials trained, but I actually went to Dublin for an electrical training. Thanks to my Irish counterpart, Barry, whom is very patient in my slow moving brain.

Anyway, after the first few days of my training, I actually wrote to my manager. I told her, I felt very disgrace of being an electrical FA engineer, but yet, need another engineer from our sister site to teach me, some very very basic knowledge, that I could have been picked up in Singapore, or school, or work for nearly a year!

Yes, they are kind and patient to me. But what are they going to think of our FA, what are they going to think of my manager and the other team?

I guess my email shocked my manager, she replied promptly the day after (cause of the time difference between us). She said she almost thought I'm going to jump onto the next flight from Dublin. Well, she didn't know how much I enjoy myself out of the work. But she said, glad that I observe something, ask me to share with her when I'm back.

I guess after this training, I'm really going to involve in electrical stuffs then.

Work hard, play hard!

Wish me luck :)

















What Happen to Our World?

What happen to our world?

The Myanmar Cyclone death toll had reached over 60,000 since May 3, 2008. And the government is still refusing help from other countries due to some stupid political reasons. I don't f***ing care what is the political stand, but just help the victims. My company's Myanmar colleagues had spreaded the message for help. Please donate here.

And today, I got to know that Si Chuan have had a 7.9 scale earthquake and the death toll had already reached 8,700.

What had happened?

Maybe all I can do to help is to donate...


Hello from Dublin 2

Well, can't believe it but it's already my second day in Dublin! There are lots of things that I'd like to share with all of you, but I'll try to finish them :)

Of the Hotel Location
Well, I'm staying in Trinity Capital Hotel in Dublin City. It's a very convenient place, located just behind the very famous Trinity College (sometimes I could even detect their Sci Fac WiFi :p). The Dublin Fire Brigade and Garda (police) is just beside the Hotel. I feel so safe of being here! Hahahahaha....

As I'm actually using the free wireless in the hotel lobby, there are a lots of young and good looking students in very nice dress and coats walking by. It is the Trinity College Ball tonight (I found this out yesterday when I paid a visit at the college). There are so many handsome looking young guys around!!! Hohohoho....

Of Work Place
The company site is located quite far away from the city. It took me 45mins to reach there (without traffic jam) in a taxi, so you can imagine how expensive is the fare! Anyway, I personally think that the site is a wonderful place.


I had breakfast at the cafeteria with my Irish counterpart this morning. And we sat just beside the window. Suddenly, my friendly counter part told me, there will be wild bunnies and foxes running around just outside of the office building! And I did see a lot of bunnies, no luck for the foxes so far...

The scale of the site is WAY TOO BIG! It's divided into 8 buildings. The lab is 10mins walk from the office! It's such a nice exercise at work :P

Of the City
I haven't got the chance to go too far from the Hotel yet. (Based on the map, I think I had actually walked quite a bit!) The city is very happening at Friday Nights, I've been walking around since 9pm till 11pm, and I didn't know it's so late!

The sun set at 9pm (CRAZY!), so I can actually walk A LOT even before sunset. Hahahaha! I brought a map yesterday, but this evening I decided not to. And I think I walked a little bit too far to places where I didn't see the city buses, that's when I decided to turn back. :P Don't worry, it's relatively bright still.

There's lots of pubs, bars and restaurants, there's no way that you're going to be hungry!

Of the People
The Irish are so far, very friendly. I've got 4 strangers talked to me when I walked around yesterday within 4 hours! So, that's one per hour averagely. But the last one wasn't too nice, I sense a bit of "danger", so I back off and pretended that I didn't understand him.

Still, they are nice and friendly in general.

Of Irish Coffee
I'm a coffee drinker, as most of you had known that. Irish Coffee is one of the thing in my top list that I would definitely try here! I'd complained that the Irish Coffee in M'sia and Singapore don't taste too good.

I had one this evening after my dinner. Well, the first few sips was actually quite ok. But, when I'm about the finish the whole cup, I really dislike the stronger taste of the Irish Whisky. I prefer the normal coffee I guess...

But due to the strong coffee I had, I'm a bit "high high" now. Hahahahaha!

Of the Weather
Nothing to complain, I like it! :)


But the sky is a bit of "depressing", there's no blue sky so far....


As I do not have Photoshop in my working laptop, and I'm getting fed up with the Microsoft Picture Manager, I couldn't share any photo right now. Just use your imagination for now :)

Anyway, I didn't take any photo today, as I want myself to be more concentrated on things I see... And, I want to stop attract too many strangers yet again :P

Ok, I shall stop now. Please look up for more updates^_^


Hello from Dublin

Hi all, I won't have time to drop a long entry for now. I'm just going to say Hi to everybody, and thanks for leaving the comment on my previous post.

I have checked into the hotel and I'm now sitting by the street using the complementary wireless of the hotel. I'm pretty tired, as it is now, 11.18pm in Singapore, but 4.18pm in Dublin. I haven't slept much and I even toured around Amsterdam for 2.5hours!

Yes, I took some photos!

I'm hungry, I'm just here to say Hi and chat with Yee Hau for a while before it's too late for him.

Good Night everyone~


Summary of a Few Things

It'e been kinda rush for me.

I went back to BM on Labour Day, for home and for visiting my grandma who had been hospitalised. A piece of good news came to me this afternoon, my mom told me that Ah Ma can sit and walk a little bit with help from the helpers in nursing home. She can even eat KFC! That's very good! I think she would be able to go home on June! Strong Ah Ma! :-)

I came to Singapore on Monday morning(5/5), cleared custom on 8am, which was kinda late coz normally I should be taking shower at 8am! Anyway, I still managed to rush back to my office at 9.10am. Before I can warm my seat, I had been pulled out to vendor's lab to perform some testing etc. Work work work, and feeling very tired...

Now, I'm sitting in front of my home pc, writing this in a bit of anxiety because, I had just finished packing my stuffs (finally!!!!) for my first business trip! I'll be going to Dublin for 2 weeks. It's a bit crazy because my hand carry is heavier than my check-in luggage! Well... with the laptop and hmm hmm....DSLR, and also.... books... no doubt I have heavier hand carry...

I hope I didn't leave anything unpack... And I hope I can really do something for this trip! Takkan people spend so much $$ on my business trip and I come back empty handed?!

I think there shall not be any big difference for my presence in the internet world, I should be able to update my life in Dublin as frequent as I can.

The biggest difference is my presence in Yee Hau's life. With my absent, he has freedom for two weeks! :P


Nursing Home

刚刚从槟城探望外婆回来。外婆今天从中央医院出院了,可是由于医生还是吩咐了不可以移动,只准许卧在床上,所以阿姨们把她送入岛上一家nursing home。并不是为了遗弃她,而是希望有更好的人照顾她。


自从上周知道她入院,我就一直想探望她。探望她的当儿,我不能自拔的感觉四周围的伤感。Nursing Home里住的都是需要特别照顾的老人家。从他们眼里,我看了,很不是滋味。是寂寞吗?是没有希望吗?还是?我不知道。

要不是肯定了外婆并不需要长期住下,我肯定表态要把外婆搬到别的地方。可是,带她去什么地方?大概,所有的nursing home都多少如此。回家?不是不想照顾,而是如何。