Choices and Chances

Choice, is actually given to everybody. Chances too.

How often do you mourne for being in bad luck? How often do you complain to your close friends for being dumped in a very terrible situation? I have to admit, it does happen very often to myself! And it happens to friends arround me very often too.

If we take our time, to sit down and think for ourselves. Choices and Chances are always given to us, under any circumstances. No? Think again.

Several days ago, a "kaypoh" person started out a busy body conversation with me, telling me "someone" whom doesn't want to be named told him that he/she can always hear my laughter in the office ALL THE TIME. I asked him:"So?" I was not happy to be very honest. I know, and my boss knows that our aisle is the quietest aisle compared to those around us. We do communicate among team mates, don't get me wrong. But we just don't spend most of the time talking. Such a remark, can't stop me from thinking it is unfair to judge. Especially the "someone" is actually from the aisle we always think "how come they never need to work?", because of simply talking so much.

I wasn't happy. And I told Yee Hau and Kia Hooi. Both of them told me just be myself. These people simply want to find things to say. Yes, be myself, be happy.

Why find flaws in people? When you can see good things in them? Why busy body? When you have so much work to do. Why bother to listen to the crap? When I have more educational things to learn.

In this case, I was given a choice to ignore and given a chance to learn. Ignore nonsense, and learn the fact you can't cheer everyone in the world.

Choices and Chances. Let's think twice before act.







恩:不知道(带点口吃-bu gte gtao)












Why are you being dumped by your friends?

Saw this title on the cover page of the "teen" magazine in NTUC this afternoon. And the first thing that came into my mind, this is not a problem for teenagers only.

As we grown, the friends around us come and go. Some may return, but some, you might have even forgotten their names and looks. This is the reality of life, all start with "busy" as an excuse of losing the communication.

Come to think of it, we can continue the friendship by being the one who takes initiative to contact each other. This is just a button away since now (almost) all of us own a mobile phone and a pc. Right? Forgive me for sometimes I didn't take initiative... And I forgive you too, that when I have taken my initiative but you never reply.

Friends, are not work, not competition. It's true, that we have best friends, good friends, normal friends, hang out friends, know-by-name-only friends etc. There are different levels of friendship. But nonetheless, please don't get jealous when your friends appear to be closer to the other. This is just life. That you may have a closer friend that him or her too, right?

Friends, are not forever. Only true friends are. Who are your true friends?

The Mind Cafe

It's a belated birthday celebration for Sock Hoai. Happy birthday gal!~

We spent our night at the Mind Cafe. I am never a big fan of board game, but this is really fun! At first I wasn't quite keen to the idea, as I thought board games might need a little of my brain... But Ching Sian assure me, that I don't really have to bring my brain along. So, I voted for this, putting 100% trust on what he told me.


We had mostly brainless games! And 9 of us, been acting like we had forgotten our age, our identity etc.... All we did, were shouting, grabbing, cheating, crazying.... violently! The neighbouring tables were looking at us, curiously. And of course, when we put aside the games, they will pick them up to play. Hahahaha!

We spent 5 hours in that particular cafe. I guess, I don't have to further elaborate how fun it can be :)


Don't Defence Your EGO

It's been 3 months since I started to work. It has been eventful, with all the ups and downs. I was surprised, that so many things can happen in such a short period of time.

Sometimes, I would get confused that my job is just to be there to talk to people. To be able to get my job done, I have to arrange for short meetings with people from different area just to understand my role in certain issue. Sometimes, I need to get information; Sometimes, I need to address my boss; Sometimes, I need to request for something; Sometimes, I need to read emails and reply all of them and digest them as well; Sometimes, I need to call the vendors... And, so often, I do all these on the same day, and I end up doing talking and listening for the whole day!

I always tell myself, maybe this happen just because the lab is temporarily down for now.

I start to understand how all things go for different people in the team. There may be some of the things that I dislike, but we'll have to understand, nobody is born the same. This is a simple fact. But sadly, I don't think everyone understands this. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of this too.

Due to some changes we need to make now in the lab, I start to understand how people refuse to accept changes. At least, in a positive way. It's very hard to get people being convinced of what you're trying to do, especially you're such a FRESHIE. And I start to feel the Tai Chi in the air, that people fan away responsibility, and defence their old thinking.

But, nobody is born the same. Change is the only constant. So everybody needs a change eventually...

So, don't defence our ego.


Malaysia... Oh Malaysia...

I'm not sure if any one of you having the same feeling as I do. Every time I go back to Malaysia, I'm simply feeling very happy. Even if I go KL, not my hometown, I'm feeling very good, that I stepped on my "own" land.

Is it simply because of the food? That taste like my childhood? That taste like my memory? I think I don't really have the answer. I guess, it is simply because you grow up on this land, and you feel wonderful when people are speaking the language that you once know, in the tone and slang only you know the best.

I have spent quite a lot back in KL last week. The main contributor is of course the concert ticket which cost me RM200 per pax. I paid for 2 because it's a birthday present for Yee Hau too. Then, we have to pay for the hotel and the return bus ticket as well. And, we paid for the shopping and food that we had! Hahaha!

These photos are just a few that I picked to tell you where did I go, and what did I do over the weekend in KL.

Of course, our main purpose of going to KL, is to watch Jacky Cheung perform in his concert. Yee Hau, me and my Ah Ku were having the ice-cream I bought at the gate of stadium.

The next morning(well, not really a morning...), we had breakfast in Chinatown. Ham Chim Peng and Yew Cha Koay were my favourite. You can't get freshly cooked Ham Chim Peng in normal Singapore hawker centre, but you can get this everywhere in M'sia.
We checked out the hotel, and head towards the famous MidValley. To my surprise, the Rapid KL is very new and fast, and good! Took photo on the bus like some Shua Ba Gao...
Then, due to my crave for having some caffeine, we stopped by at San Francisco Coffee in MidValley before starting with all the shopping.

Some random photos of shopping...Then, the hungry me went to Nando's Chicken. This is the cool pic I took for Yee Hau, isn't it nice?Then, the supper is Satay! Singapore satay are extremely expensive compared to Malaysia. So, it kinda like a compulsory event to do in Malaysia.Then, the Ha Min (Prawn Noodle), which was quite good!Then, we boarded the bus to go Singapore again... With my stomach, filled with all the good food. Of course, hawker food in KL is nothing compared to Penang. Penang is the best place for hawker food, it's even voted the best in some famous magazines. It is no doubt, people like us, can be very choosy for GOOD food... ^^













Dragon Boat

I had fun today!

It's the PE's quarterly team building again. This time, in short notice, we went to Kallang for dragon boat! I was actually quite excited when I was informed with the news. How often can someone like me go for dragon boat? NEVER!

We gathered in one of the restaurant located near Kallang indoor stadium, Mushroom Pot 9am. Then, we had comm session which our director shared some visions with us. We then brainstormed for some posters competition when we're divided into teams according to the products. After that, we had STEAMBOAT in Mushroom Pot. It's a chinese traditional herbal soup and different kinds of mushrooms!!!! Oh, carnivores, don't worry, the restaurant serves meat too! Hehe! The steamboat is good!

At 1pm, we started to gather to walk or drive to the place that we're going to have our dragon boat experience. Lucky enough for me, my colleagues drove us there. At 1++, we're already stretching according to the instructions given by the coaches (2 outsiders, and one colleague which is a member the company dragon boat team.) We're complaining like school kids cause we just had our mushrooms... We're imagining the mushrooms swimming in the stomach! Managers with big belly were complaining too, because they can't touch their toes... :P

We're divided into 3 teams, each 20 people with a coach. We're briefed with safety instructions, safety always comes first. Then, we board the boat! Ok, this is the best part... I was wondering at the moment I boarded because I thought I should sit at the right place. But, apparently there were two guys who can't fit into the seat of the head of the boat (Their butts are too big for the narrow seat). And one of the manager just grabbed me (since I was stoning) to sit in front with one of the guy. This is a wrong decision to say ok. Cause, the one in front is so important, I have to shout all the way! OMG!

Sometimes, I think working adults are no different from the school kids. We're supposed to train and compete among each other. But before the competition, we're already competing. We're chasing each other's boat (it's so hard to play chase on the boat!) to splash water on the opposing team! Gosh! My responsibility is to get my team member out of the danger! ROW FOR YOUR LIFE!

I really had fun playing! Dragon Boat is so cool!~ Maybe it's cool only because all of us are so crazy when we're out of our computers and projects. I like this.

Anyway, if someone wants to go dragon boat some time, please remember to invite me. But this time, make sure I sit behind :P

(PS. Found out that one of the manager in the team is so cute, that when he smiles, I can't see his eyes. Like this - - hahahahaha!!! Never notice that because I never really talked to him.)

Good news for my FA team, that one of my colleague's wife delivered a baby boy when we're rowing the boat. He's so happy~







  1. 豆腐一块
  2. 虾米
  3. 辣椒
  4. 蒜头
  5. 酱青


  1. Broccoli一粒
  2. Carrot一条
  3. 蘑菇两粒
  4. 蒜头
  5. 蚝油
  6. chicken granule
  1. 爆香蒜头
  2. 放入broccoli
  3. 加点水
  4. broccoli稍软后,加入萝卜和蘑菇
  5. 加点蚝油
  6. 加点chicken granule (根据喜好)
  7. 爱吃软软的萝卜和蔬菜,就稍微炒久一点



The Longest Day...

It's been very tiring for me!

I've been dragging too long to complete my PR application. So, I decided I must do this, TODAY! I went out earlier than I normally go to work, because myths of ICA crowded with people really scare me...

Guess what! I've spent, 7, 7, 7 HOURS in ICA!!!!

This is really scary...

Who gets the damn to say Singapore Government Service is efficient and fast? Try to sit in the immigration office for 7 hours...

This is really a pain in my ***... I was sure that I nearly bored to death in the office... I exchanged so many SMSes with my colleagues and friends, and read almost every article in the newspapers. I didn't have my lunch either... And I didn't get back to my office too...

This is a piece of SHIT!


Celebration for AiMei and Hock Chuan

Please join me to send wishes to the happy couple! *claps!*

Oh, don't get sad because they didn't invite you for the ceremony, just in case you are. It's a birthday celebration! (As for the wedding, please check with them when will it be. I'm sure they'll send out the RED BOMB!)

We celebrated AM's and HC's birthday last Saturday, by having buffet lunch at Chinatown. The environment was nice and cosy, but the food was just ok. However, we still managed to spend almost 5 hours in the restaurant. Hanging around, catching up with each others... Hehehe...

The birthday gal giving out her action in shampoo commercial! Hahahaha!

Jerry, me and Sock Hoai... And a BIG guy having whole plate of salmon sashimi.

Some Collection of Photos Weeks Ago...

It's a normal Saturday, that Yee Hau has to work half day while I spent my morning sleeping away...

We met up in the town for movie, Bourne Ultimatum. Then, we headed to East Coast Park, supposedly meeting up with some JSHS people for gathering. But, that gathering screwed up big time. We ended up waiting for Ai Mei and Book Kgim, whom were victims as well. We're bored, so we took some photos by the beach.

Just when you thought I'm a bit crazy...

Please look at THIS...We got to catch a romantic sunset by the seaside...
Some "art work", "By the Beach"




The Rock Star~






Memories flash back with a little of feeling, especially the one that goes down.

Unlike the movies, my memories never come to me with a smell, a food, a taste, a colour etc. I wonder whose will? They always come suddenly, along with tears.

It is strange enough, memories seldom come merrily. But they are mostly those episodes, of a little ups and downs.

I walked home from MRT station as usual. But what I saw, were not cars and traffic jams, but pieces of music in DSP, tears from my team members, broken hearts and hard lessons learned for the fact that games are never fair. And often, the adults are playing their own board games, and we're just the little green soldiers. I felt the heart broken still, and I thought I was back in 16 year old.

Suddenly, I remember the touch from snow, for the first time on my nose. I thought I wasn't in Singapore for the moment.

Then, I remember the times in uni, that dinners were served with tears. Dinners were never served on dining table with family you love, but on the study table with a couple of meaningless dramas that portrait some families having their dinner together. How I wish I was never here.

Suddenly, I remember the scenery of The Great Wall which came along with "The Great Wall" music pieces. I wished there were real soldiers. I always imagine.

I remember, clearly how so many of us packed ourselves into a small hotel room in Park Royal Penang when we're having longest holidays. We chatted like no tomorrow, and we tasted sea water with some banana splits. That was, the greatest time I had with them.

Suddenly, I remember how Yee Hau tucked me in when I'm shivering on winter of Beijing. And I remember how I missed him when we're apart. Sometimes I still wish I could miss him this way.

I remember I cried over for Dajie's stories. I cried so hard, that I forgot those weren't happening on me. And I thought, I really love her, that she's a part of me, though we're apart.

I reached for my keys mechanically. And I entered my room with some tears rolling down. For what reason? I never understand. That is the time I wish I study psychology to understand what is there in my mind. Why do the tears come when I'm living absolutely fine?

Memories never end because we never stop making new episode everyday...

What are yours today?


Some Rubbish

If my life was going to be on TV, and I happened to watch it, I'm going to turn it off, and curse the producer.

I think I've fallen into a comfort zone again. Sometimes, I think I have already given up some of the things that I SWEAR to myself, that I'm going to do. But I stopped at one point. Remember is one thing, execute is another.

What's excatly important to me? And what's not?

What makes people falling into comfort zone? Laziness is the first thing, dependency is the one comes next. Laziness and dependency, come together. I've realized that I depend on YH so much, that I even need him to count my $ for me at the end of the month, just because I think my accounts screwed up big time! And when dependency is there, laziness comes too. Or the other way round. And expectations come too, and fight comes along.

I believe, that our life won't be taken away, if we believe we have many things to achieve, if we know we have to do so much to help to make this place a better one. If you believed in god, I think you will think god will see you doing a hardwork for all you believe, and won't take you away. I truly truly believe, that the creator of the world will not take someone who have missions to accomplish away easily. That is why, I think I need to load myself with lots of missions.

But is this true?

I have lots of things going through and on in my mind... All the time... It's always a bit here and there. And here they are, some of them noted here. I don't even know what points do I want to carry out for you, but I just want to let some of them out, like letting a ballon of air.

I have so many things to say, but yet they're too scattered in everywhere. That's why I called them some rubbish.

I don't really know what I'm talking about...


Can I Ever?

I had my 5km run this morning. Or rather, I should say, it should be a 5km. It should! Mind my words...

It started just like a normal morning, except for being up a little bit earlier. And I took a ride on Ching Siang's motorbike to East Coast Park. It's a smooth journey and we're able to reach there on time. We met with Ai Mei and Hock Chuan, then my colleague, then Phey Hong etc.

The race started, I ran off just like the other HPers... But, my shoe laces loosen up for at least 5 times, by the time I got up, everybody was ahead of me. And the WORST thing to happen to your run, I had a TOILE-RUSH! I ran into the second toilet that I saw on the way...

This is how I ended my run.

I lost my confidence now of being able to run well on Dec, for 10km! Shall I? Or shall I not? You tell me...