Say NO to Tiger Temple!

I have just visited Tiger Temple in Khanchanaburi, Thailand. Ever since I found out about this place, I wanted to visit the tigers so much!

But, after my trip, I've decided to tell everybody, please do NOT support Tiger Temple! I seriously think the tigers in Tiger Temple are drugged! And I have found out this piece of news from my colleague after I'm back from Bangkok.

The tigers are not being adopted by the monks but illegally traded to make money for the temple. And what's worst, the tigers are drugged, abused...

Please let the tigers run wild!



I've finally uploaded all the photos I took during my Bangkok trip to my 摄·界.


Wonderful Evening with Colleagues

I had the greatest time with my colleagues last night at Steven's place. We got off from work at 4pm in the afternoon and headed to Steven's place for super pampering night!

Steven is the greatest party host I've ever seen. We're welcomed with Japanese cocktail when we stepped into the house. And of course, we're greeted by Bobo Chai, the little white dog. Then, Steven filled us with grilled German sausages and salad as appetizers. And then, we start to drink beers.

At 4.30pm, we smelled our thin crust pizzas... Steven made 4 different flavours of pizzas all by himself. Seafood, beef, pepperoni, curry chicken! We just sapu everything within 5 mins! They are so good we think Steven can sell the pizzas already!

Then, we have different activities like planting vegetables at the backyard. Well, Steven's idea was to have us plant the vege and got us back to the house 3 months later for BBQ. I think that was great and I helped to plant eggplant. I hope they grow though :P

We played games and the losers have to drink. Anyway, we all drink no matter we're losers or winners. And more pizzas after activities, more snacks, more beers... More of everything!

This is my ideal connections with colleagues. Previously I always envy people to be so closed with their colleagues that they hang out even after work. Finally, I got them myself :)

Nothing special, but I just want to share my happiness.

But not too good now, as I'm having sore throat :P


Back From The Chaotic World

I finally touched down at Singapore Changi Airport last night after my 4D3N at Bangkok.

I can't wait to blog about my trip because my photos at some places are just magnificent! Cause the weather was very nice! The sky was so blue and you just can't stop taking photos! :) However, the temperature was very high, I had sunburn at my shoulders :P

My itinerary for 4D3N:
  • Touched down Survabhumi Airport at 12.30pm.
  • Checked into Eastin Hotel and Spa at 2.30pm
  • Shower
  • Walked from hotel to Chidlom station and ate a lot of street food along the way
  • Went to MBK and shopped!
  • Went to Suan Lum night bazaar

  • Went to Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keow at 8.30am
  • Ride on a Tuk Tuk and being brought to "Holland"
  • Went to Kao San to shop and have lunch
  • Went to Wat Pho
  • Took ferry at Tha Tien to Wat Arun
  • Went back to Tha Tien to wait for sunset until 7pm
  • Went to Pratunam Night Market

  • Day Tour of Floating Market+Tiger Temple+River Kwai
  • Back to hotel at 7pm
  • Shower
  • Went to Chinatown
  • Went back to Pratunam to try massage
  • Shopping at Pratunam Market again!
  • Shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall
  • Went to Isetan
  • Went to Siam Paragon
  • Head back to hotel to get our luggages at 3.30pm
  • Took a crazy cab to Survanabhumi Airport and reached 4.30pm
  • Fly to Changi at 6.15pm
I will blog about these places with photos in my photoblog so please check that out! :)

Till then~
Working time again :)


Off to Bangkok

I'll be away from my blog for 4 days, to Bangkok!


Bangkok Bangkok here I come!

Maybe I get to see tigers if I'm lucky with my bargaining power. I hope so.

Till then~




不过今年不一样,我虽然坐在房间里,却有个非常重要的任务!就是帮老豆set up新的电脑。为什么是电脑?




原来,爸爸要当insurance agent,需要经过考试。



Compaq Presario C744TU

很chio一下,还有altec lansing的built in speaker, surround sound叻!

当然,我把desktop background改成了爸爸的偶像!




Happy One Year!

Am suppose to write this last night, but who knows, I fell asleep directly after my head knock onto the bed when I was waiting for my Firefox to be updated.

Yesterday, was the mark that I work in the company, for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Gosh, that was FAST! I told my colleague that I have almost forgotten about this until Ai Mei reminded me one day earlier. My colleague made a reasonable comment on that statement.

"That's a good thing. If you feel that one year is a very draggy and long, perhaps you should look for another job."

I think she's right.


So, what's with this one whole year? And what is awaiting for years ahead?

For one whole year:
1 I realize being manager is not the ultimate goal of working in a big corporation.
2 I realize (for the time being) I'm better of to develop technically.
3 I realize the first year in a corporation is very important.
4 I realize there is a lot of things, that you really have to experience before you know how to ask for it.
5 I realize it's better to dig for a bone than waiting for it to fall from the sky.
6 I realize there's no way to compare a company to another, because there will never be an apple to apple comparison.
7 I realize, I have a universe to explore.
8 I realize, I really like to work in the lab (for the time being)

For the years awaiting ahead:
1 I will do best for things that I once did worst.
2 I will develop expertise that I carry throughout my career and not afraid to share.
3 I will improve my presentation.
4 I will make myself approach people when it is needed, don't be a social porcupine. (I am occasionally a autism person)
5 I will walk with my head looking at the correct level, not the floor.
6 I must dare myself to speak up!


I'm actually glad that I have endure the one year for whatever that had happened. And I know, I'm going to endure more.

Till then~









August Rush

Managed to watch this movie on flight when I was flying back from Amsterdam.

It was a story about this orphan, who is a music prodigy. He uses music as a channel to find his way to his parents whom he believes they're still alive.

It was a fairy-tale, romance kind of drama. The music of the movie was very good. Especially the last orchestral work, that August Rush had written, for his path to find his parents. It's called August Rhapsody.

The story appears to be quite normal, but I just teared away. Some of the lines, the music, just managed to catch you, in a way or another.

It's no longer in the cinema, try to get a DVD or download :)

Iron Man

Never expected that, I'd like this movie so much!

I like Robert Downey Jr a lot since I watched him on Ally McBeal on Season 4. When he played Larry, Ally's boyfriend. He had to leave the drama because he was caught to be on drugs. I was so sad that I can't see him on the drama anymore... (Luckily Bon Jovi came into the picture) I can still remember Larry had to leave to Detroit in the drama. What a sad one...

Ok, sorry for being distracted.

I didn't even think of watching this movie because the trailer sucks! No matter how much I like Robert, the trailer and the Superhero type of movie just can't make me feel interested. However, thanks to Ying and En, they strongly recommended this movie to me. Since we've always, most of the time, having the same taste for movie, I trusted them.

Iron Man was GREAT! Despite of how funny the Iron Man was being built from the junk of steels, I like how the director put everything together. It's definitely better than being bitten by spider and become spiderman.

Storyline was pretty much easily predicted. Who's the villian who's the good guys etc. And the only actress was boring the Gwyneth Paltrow. Remember her? Brad Pitt's ex-girlfriend before Jennifer Aniston. (Ok, sorry, out of topic)

The special effect and the fighting scenes are not as much as most of the superhero movie, but the story is more fulfilling. However, I doubt how would the Iron Man2 would be? Better or worse? Let's see how it goes.

If you've missed the movie in cinema, remember to buy DVD!

Robert Downey Jr

Can't stop wanting to rewatch Robert Downey Jr in Ally McBeal in Season 4 after watching Iron Man.

This is just one of my favourite scene where Robert Downey Jr sings! Wonderful!






其二,我就是喜欢回家!世人都知道,我是很喜欢回家的人,总是有事没事都找借口回家。这次回家的借口更多:四姨回来、端午节要到了、刚刚从爱尔兰回来、你们要看indiana jones(虽然自己看了,可是又觉得不可以错过好几年才一起看一场戏的机会!)……就这样,就足以有借口买车票回家。