Back From Bali

I'm back from Bali, had a wonderful 5D4N! And I'm tanned! hohoho~

In summary, I relaxed, swam a lot, dipped into the sea, snorkelled, saw wild dolphins and even swam with them, had wonderful sunset, saw volcano, ate babi guling, spent lots of money...

I'm happy!

I'll blog about them when I'm done with Guilin (still have 2 days of itinerary to go~)

Oh by the way, I was the one in the picture. We were enjoying fantastic sunset at Nusa Lembongan.









String Fever



今天早上这张专辑,就让我马上对他有希望。哈哈!之前佳慧在部落确实介绍过Guitar Fever里的眼睛不能没眼泪,虽然也很不错,但是没有让我听完整张专辑的冲动。今早第一首“大师作品”,我马上喜欢。可能本来就很喜欢弦乐吧。

String Fever和Guitar Fever一样,是一张EP,只有五首歌曲,附加五首歌曲的纯音乐。String Fever 比吉他好听多了。(开始有希望后就把两卷专辑都下载!)可是,纯音乐听起来有点像日剧里的插曲。听起来蛮可笑,还是歌曲好一些。



When Gil Grissom Left CSI

I've just finished watching CSI. The one that Gil Grissom decided to leave CSI for good, to go to his love of the life and get a life out of the crime scenes.

Before we realized, we've already been watching the whole CSI Las Vegas team for more than 8 years. The latest season is already the 9th season! Friends as one of the most popular series lasted for 10 seasons. Though CSI is not as popular as Friends, but it has its own set of fans. Like my family :D

When you've watched a series for so long, you start to hate it when people have to leave. Sara left for good because she was tired with the life, that dealt with dead everyday. In real life, she wanted to try something new rather than 7 years of CSI. That's pretty close to the story of the series. Warrick died in the show. It's very very sad when he was shot because he's one of my favourite in the series. But in real life, he has to serve his sentence for drug abuse... What the...

Now, Grissom left. I'm gonna miss Grissom so much though he's not handsome, not cool, and he's fat and old. But he's a great CSI.

Gosh... What will the new CSI team be? Will they make me continue watching with most of the old timers left?

Let's see how things go.




伍思凯:No Complain :p
黄舒骏:同上 :p






This video shows how much we judged a person by the look.

Susan Boyle really stunned everybody in the hall!

There are so many talents, hiding somewhere and never got discovered. I guess we must never be afraid to dream, who knows, we're one of them in some way or another.

Enjoy Susan Boyle singing Les Miserables in Britain's Got Talent 2009. (The embedded code is disabled)



It's bad to stuck in Youtube, cause you'll realize you never got out of it.

I found this FANTASTIC video from Britain's Got Talent 2009, by a group of young men performing dance art! GREAT! Too bad the embedded code was disabled. But I can still share the link.

Flawless-Britain's Got Talent 2009

It's a MUST watch!

And listen to what Simon has to say. I'm sure this deserved the standing ovation.

Danny Gokey

Man, I never got to follow every single episode of American Idol since the very first season. But I definitely started to watch a lot more since last season, felt sad when Michael Johns got kicked out and was happy when David Cook won AI as the very best American Idol so far!

I like Danny since I watched his audition, I think he looks a bit like Robert Downey Jr from certain angle (definitely not when you look straight into his face! and definitely not when you look at his tummy!), and I like his voice and the feelings he brings out of the song.

Some people like Adam Lambert, yes, I think Adam has a stronger vocal, but he just want to show off his vocal without really giving the feelings most of the time. The most unbelievable thing was, even Simon gave him a standing ovation?? If Simon was to give a standing ovation to one and only one, it should be David Cook, no other AI than him. (Is Simon GAY?)



I love dolphins and tigers, both.

I always think that tiger is a beautiful cat. Though, I don't want to run into one in the wild. I felt satisfied of being able to touch and hug one during my previous trip to Bangkok. But due to the fact that it looks more like animal exploitation, I told everybody not to fall into that "business" of the temple.

What was the tiger thinking? What were the dolphins thinking? I think that's amazing.


Just To Make Sure He Knows :P

You are a Great Girlfriend

When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful

But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself

You're the perfect blend of independent and caring

You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!


I Learned a Lesson

In some way or another, I told myself, it's good that the economy crisis happened when I am still quite fresh in work force.


Now that my company is actively practicing all the actions to lower the operational cost, I learned that regardless of what position you are, what kind of career path your superior tried to paint for you, you're hit no matter what. At the same time, the executives are still receiving filthy pay and bonuses.

When it comes to cost, corporates are no mercy.

When it comes to life, we have to save ourselves, and we always have to do it before the next waves.

It's like a slap on my face. All of the sudden I am doing a lot of thinking day in and day out, I have not got a solution yet, but I do have things on my mind that I think I will take some time to craft them out so that I can discuss with people I trusted the most.

No, I do not have an answer yet. But I tell myself, build my own empire while having my day job. Do NOT get hit, at least not so badly affected anymore when it comes to the next economy crisis. I can't afford to get hit when I'm in my middle aged.