2008 is Coming to An END

I can't believe it, that I am now sitting in the dark with my dad's lappie in the room, typing this blog as it is the 2nd last day of year 2008. I'm a little bit nervous to welcome the arrival of 2009 so soon, too soon.

As everybody has predicted that 2009 will have an even worse economic crisis compared to 2008. As a relatively newbie to the society, I have the fear to face this. I am lack of courage. However, my dad and sister had been a very positive role model in this. How can I ever forget there are role models at home, that I can learn from. Sometimes through words, sometimes through actions.

I have not been very matured in my first year and a half at work. There are lots of problems that I faced from time to time, that I think I could have handled them with a more professional way. I could have seek advice from fellow colleagues earlier than I did sometimes, but I didn't because I have pride that I think I can do it by myself. Sometimes I learn it a hard way to get things done, but along the way, I really appreciate people whom offered helping hands from time to time. Nobody in this world can handle everything by his/her own, seeking advice and admit one's limitation ain't going to kill anybody! Remember this! (I'm just talking to myself)

I admit, I have not been very sensitive to my dollars and cents in the past one year. I was even less sensitive compared to my 4 years in university, this is not a very good sign. The angel and demon in my body were having a tug of war all the time. The angel always reminds me of my planning and records, while the demon pulled me into laziness. Well, the demon won for a year, and I have decided to let angel win in the coming years. In the current economic status, nobody can wait and let things happen.

It has come to a point that I realized I'm at the age of no turning back. I'm no longer very young, and this is the golden time to strive for things I want in my life. Dreams that I have had since young. Of course, all the dreams need to be evaluated. Plans are needed and courages are required to execute for a change. Things that had happened in Malaysia and US are examples of will power can bring changes, don't they? History that opposition parties have made, are the first step to change. For better or worse, we'll see. I had written some plans in my little green note pad previously, on Jan when I got back to Singapore, I will spend another weekend to look at the plans thoroughly, and start executing them one by one based on priority.

I'm at the age of no turning back. This is the time, to have what I want to have, to be who I want to be. Don't be envious and jealous to other's success. I too can make a difference in myself, I don't have to be jealous as I sometimes did. One should be sincerely happy for a friend's success and happiness.

My relationship with my family is as strong as ever. But I did something hurtful to my dad my passing some stupid "humour" jokes about dollars and cents, I did not have the guts to say sorry face to face to him. I hope he forgive me by reading my email after the incident. Home trips are always the most joyous moments I enjoy. Spending time with my parents at the dining table, playing games with my siblings, shopping with my aunt and cousins, having meals together, going to cinema together, every simple things that had happened, had made my life better. I know if I ever need help, these people will always stand by me. If my family ever needs help, I will always give support. They are the best thing in my life.

Year 2008 was the 5th year of my relationship with Yee Hau. Looking back to myself back then, so immature in handling relationship, I think he had put in a lot of efforts in enduring the emotional part of me. I appreciate him as an honest and open person, who will never hide his opinions to me. Direct opinions often hurt, but after calming myself, I often found that he made the points, especially when I'm being not realistics. I am not afraid to commit that he is going to be my life long companion, a good partner and a good friend. But wedding that needs to spend money will have to wait. Commitments can be made without wedding dinner and ceremony. Commiments of two persons to spend a life time together are made with hearts.

I don't have to tell you what are my plans in 2009, especially there are some ammendments needed. But if you ever found that laziness had crawling into my soul, please remind me, that I'm at the age of no turning back.

Looking back at 2008, I have lots of joyous moments as ever. Family and friends are always around, to fill me with love and care. Though I have to learn things from the hard way sometimes, but it's a learning at the end of the day. As long as I remember them, learn them by heart, I am sure I will be better every day, every year.

Since I will not be able to blog on the first day of year 2009, I will wish everybody Happy New Year in advance. May all you dreams come true!

Happy New Year!

Cambodia, here I come

I'm going off from Penang from tomorrow onwards. I'll be travelling to Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon with Kia Hooi and Wooi Fong. We'll be staying around at Fong's sister's place for a night, then we'll catch a flight to Siam Reap on 31st morning.

We'll spend 5D4N in Cambodia. I won't be back to Penang after the trip, but I'll fly to Singapore and start working on 5th of Jan. I'll be only be back on CNY, which is just around the corner, I can't wait!

Thanks to Han Chean who had done most of the work for this trip at the end of it. Thank you Han Chean to make the trip happens :P

Yeah girls, we're going to have fun!
(Han Chean, you're considered a girl too :P)


Some Recollections

So finally someone complained that I have not been blogging for some time. At least I know there are still people reading it :P


I've been back at home for a week. Yes, wonder how time can fly so fast, I've already rotting for a week. I have an entry half written to tell people what I have done on the past weekend, but the TMNUT was bloody slow in uploading photos, I've decided to postpone the publishing of the post. Bloody **** TMNUT had not been good for the past few years, I wish Santa Clause didn't give them anything for Christmas. If he did, let's make it shit.


I've reached home on 20.12.2008 morning. I didn't have much time to rest on that particular morning. I had my breakfast with my family, changed and there I went to Khoo Kongsi for some ceremony and also dinner, for consecutively two days. This was actually the half written post I've been talking about. Let me postpone this, ok? On 21.12.2008, of course we did celebrate Winter Solstice too. What's more? We watched "Ip Man" at Gurney Plaza too! Oh... I just can't help loving Donnie Yen, he's soooooooooooooo COOL!


On 22.12.2008 and 23.12.2008, finally I've got some time to sleep a little bit later, got myself a new pair of spectacles. But still didn't manage to get myself a medical checkup. I better hurry up! And I also didn't have the time to call Soon Oo up as I've promised him. And what's more, I had one of the worst diarrhea ever, due to a overdue chicken pie as breakfast. I lost all my energy through one time vomitting and over 20 times (according to Ah En's calculations) diarrhea. I finally stopped the diarrhea with the "Goh Tak Sua" and the Kopi O, they worked quite well. I also managed to get myself hyrated with 100plus.


24.12.2008, it's X'mas eve already. Despite of my previous night's terrible diarrhea, we woke up early to Penang again. My sis had made a facial appointment for both of us, so here we went! The facial was quite relaxing, I almost fell asleep. Then as usual, we went shopping and eating with my aunt and cousins.


On Christmas Day, we went to my Wu Yi's house to celebrate an Ang Moh's type of Christmas. This was the first time I had X'mas pudding, X'mas cake, Turkey, stuffings etc for X'mas. It was fun. Of course it wouldn't be that fun without all my cousins! Ah Yuan had been very fast to blog about this, so I let him do the stories while I postpone all the entries that would involve photos uploading.


Today, I went shopping with my best companions in BM, Kia Hooi and Wooi Fong. We brought all our swimming customes thinking we would do shopping+swimming, but all we did was shopping!!!!! All of us had a lot to bring home, and that was so cool~


All the above were just a "summary" (I'll fail Rumusan with this) of what I've been doing since 20.12.2008 when I stepped my feet in Penang. I realized I don't have too much time here in Penang before I fly to Cambodia, I really better start doing all the things I would like to do before I complained I always don't have enough time.

PS Gosh, I realized I have so much to blog about after I came back from Cambodia. The postponed Khoo Kongsi ceremony and X'mas, and also my upcoming Cambodia trip with Kia Hooi, Wooi Fong and Han Chean. Cool~

Till then~


Of Wedding and Love



男方发表他爱的宣言的时候, 几度哽咽。虽然感人,可是,这种向大众宣布的爱,我始终有点不习惯。不只是爱的宣言,之后,婚礼主持人还将男女方从如何结识,如何坠入爱河,如何决定要对方成为终生伴侣,种种私人的事情全暴露于所有人。如果是我,我会超级不自在。







My First Half Marathon

Finally, the day has come, I completed the first half marathon in my life. But, it's a rather painful experience.

The event is a madness! There are total 50,000 people joining the event! Well, I guess the ERP gantry is too expensive to drive in city area, and the cab, MRT and buses fare went up too, therefore, people want to use their legs to "commute" around the town area. Hahahaha!

Before the Race
Ever since my Nike Run on 31st August, I have had knee pain, though not very serious. So on and off during my routine running, I do feel the pressure on my knees. I bought knee guards to protect them, and my mom also gave me the glucosamine pills, but I didn't take any of them till now. To make things worse, last Sunday, I ran a 10km in gym, then I developed some muscle pain, but not too serious.

On the Race Day
We woke up at 3.30am to get prepared. We took the 5am bus to the race venue, deposited the bag, warm up, went to toilet and 6.30am, off we go! But even before I hit 5km, I've already got knee pain. I thought of giving up and start walking, but when I thought of the 16km ahead of me, I decided to continue running.

Until I got to the "banana station", I know it's 13km already. So I had the banana, and started my walking-running-walking-running, all the way till the finishing line. I was glad I finally made it, but I felt my legs don't belong to me anymore... Hahahaha!

How long did I take to run? Very embarrassingly, it took me 3 hours and 3mins to finish the half marathon. Hm....

After the Race
After I finally collected my bag, Yee Hau and my friends must have been waiting for me for soooooo bloody long. We rested for a while (I rested for a while), then we went to Raffles City to have Buger King breakfast.

When I finally reached home, I slept for a few hours.... Hahaha... And there goes a day~


Stan Smith K

I bought a pair of Adidas Stan Smith in Vivo City on Monday this week after work. I've always wanted this type of shoes, but I always failed to get one. The answers I've got from the shops are mostly "Sorry Ma'am, we don't have the size" and "Sorry Ma'am, this is a design for men". Sigh...

Finally on Monday, I found size 4 in Adidas shop in Vivo City. I asked the promoter if they have other colours. He showed me another one in white with dark blue, asked me if I'd like to try that. But I looked at him in the most puzzled expression I have "This size?"

You can't believe it, he showed me a shoes for... baby maybe. Then he kindly explained to me "Ma'am, you're actually trying on the kids' design."

Oh my god!

Realize the "K"? It's for kids.

It's quite embarrasing initially, to purchase a pair kids' shoes. But when I knew I was paying half of the price of the adults' shoes, I was more than delighted! I paid $53 for this pair of shoes, while new arrival of adults shoes are close to $100 or even more!


From now onwards, I'm doing to shop for kids shoes.



It's late at night, I should be sleeping but I don't feel like going to bed at all. So I just want to scribble a bit here and there before I get myself into the pillows.

Things can be good in a day, and then turned bad in another day. I know this, but sometimes my emotion and hormones just don't seem to get me going with the flow. And my face, yes, my face will always show it. Even when I'm trying to control, the high blood flow will show my red face at times like this.

At times, I can get through with things, act cool and forget them in another minute. But at times like this, with my hormone imbalance (PMS is here), and with all the economy downturn (Yes, nowadays you're allowed to blame anything to the economy, even to the Mumbai attack), my mood just seem to recover slower. Especially when someone accidentally or purposely stepped on my tail (If I have one).

I told Celeste earlier in our dinner, "We don't live in an ideal world". This is more for her than for me. We don't live in an ideal world. Hence, we just can't expect everyone has a common sense to daily things. And we can't expect everyone can be as considerate as possible. We can't expect a lot of things.

It's not ideal, and I have to go with the flow and live with it. But, I'll never let go of my principles.





后来大四我们三个女生搬到外头去住,我才开始渐渐会煮饭。虽然,多数的时候,我还是那个袖手旁观的指挥官。可是,每当爱媚和Sock Hoai不在的时候,我就得自己来了。然后,渐渐就觉得有趣。

后来毕业了,我们不再一同住,我更是“悲惨”的只剩下我一人在厨房胡乱发挥。一年多了吧,我都会在周末煮煮饭。因为,我实在太厌倦外头的食物。尤其我家附近的Jurong Point,东西又贵又不好吃,偏偏最靠近的就是它。真的是把我逼到不煮饭都不行。




Appetizer: Fresh green salad with freta cheese and bread crumbs, potato mash with brown sauce

Main dish: Butter garlic chicken

Desserts: 妈妈食谱红豆汤(西式菜肴中式点心)

Drinks:Fresh brewed Bon Cafe Coffee












I hate Lang Lang!

Someone must have hate him so much to make such a funny video!

Can't stop laughing!!! Hahahaha...


Ravel, Piano Concerto in G by Martha Angerich


如果你觉得懒得看,你至少要看第三乐章.Martha Angerich的手指简直不是人的! 




Maurice Ravel钢琴协奏曲 (独奏:殷承宗)
1st Movement: Allegramente
2nd Movement: Adagio assai
3rd Movement: Presto


黄河 (独奏:殷承宗)






I mentioned about detach from desires and wants. Of course, like any other things in the world, it is always easier to say than do. Don't you think so?

Hm... Maybe not.

I let my thoughts wandered around the things that had happened in my life, those past "achievements" (They might not be achievements in your point of view, but they were the moments I felt joy) that I have had. These achievements, they seem to be incidents that caught me in surprises when they came to me. They always got my feet jumping in the air, or secretly drawing a smile of my face when I turned around... I always thought I was plainly, very lucky!

Not until I found that these "achievements", they have a same denominator. Before revealing what is the common ground of these achievements, please allow me to share some of the moments.

I won a price in Solo for Plucking Instrument in 1999. That little prize, had got on my nerves! Yes, I was very happy to be able to win one, but I was so afraid if the judges would let me get into finals, plainly because I was never prepared for it, I can't even memorize the score of the song that I submitted as final. Lucky or unlucky, I got into semifinals only. I never prepared for the prize.

I have been to two scholarship interviews after the release of STPM results. One will think I'm a weirdo, but I want to tell you, I kinda... liked to be interviewed. I enjoyed both scholarship interviews, ASEAN and Hong Kong Baptist University. Both U offered totally different courses. ASEAN offered me the Materials Science and Engineering in NTU while HK Baptist University offered me Mass Communication (Journalist Study). To my surprise, HKBU offered me the scholarship the very evening after my interview in the afternoon. I was very delighted, although I rejected at the end of it. I never prepared for this, I applied scholarships just for trying out purpose.

The above and many others, are things that totally caught me off guarded, in a good way of course. Like I mentioned earlier, I have always thought I was plainly lucky.

But come to think of it, I was actually working hard towards them. Take the solo competition as an example. I didn't prepare myself for winning a solo competition, but I trained and practiced very hard for the Orchestral competition. I love music, I love my JSCO, I love them so much, I dedicated 90% of my teenager time to them. All the training, practices, dedications, were the preparation for the prize after all, without me realizing that.

Isn't that an example of detaching? I think it is. At least to me.

Maybe that's a moment of "enlightened", I realize the desire to something, will not get you there, but a dedication to a value will.

I found myself smiling when I realized this.


Slow Down

Ever thought of why on earth do we have to walk so fast? Especially those who live in Singapore like me. Have you ever thought, even just once, why are you walking so fast? Why can't we take a deep breathe and walk slowly, and look at the scenery that surrounds us? Even though they're just buses and people, there must be something interesting hiding somewhere.

Why can't we spend more time thinking of the works and projects that we're doing, planning them and organizing them before dip our heads into the deadlines and URGENCY?



These two words have been conquering our daily lives. Take a close look at those recruitments, qualities that they're looking for--MULTI-TASKING. Have any one of us take a look into dictionary and get a closer understanding what is efficient? And how does it differ from effective?

performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort; having and using requisite knowledge, skill, and industry

adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result

My "england" is not very "powderful", but I know if I were a boss, I should look for effectiveness.

I was walking slowly this afternoon towards the ever boring Jurong Point to buy some meat to cook Bak Kut Teh for dinner. I was walking very slow because I just had my shower, and I don't want to sweat under the super hot sun. But what I realized was, people were walking past me, some showed very impatient faces as if the pace I walked will cost them a million dollar. They're walking as if they're catching a bus or MRT to work. But, COME ON people, this is Sunday!!

I feel sad for people who live in city, a busy one like Singapore, including myself. We've forgotten how to live a life, instead we had just let the life taken us. And then complaining we have no lives?

Come on...

There were times I walked so fast even though I was out on a date with Yee Hau. Sometimes he would hold me back, sometimes I would hold him back.

It saddens me how sometimes we've forgotten we can relax our muscles, and live.

Remember how I did say that when you've achieved your purposes of life, the person in-charged of deaths will take you away? Well... Don't rush. Take your time, make every second, every little things you do a meaningful and quality ones, rather than compete among each other how many things we've achieved.

If you caught me walking too fast, hold me back. I don't want to die young.

(Perhaps this is how the Cantonese come up with 赶住去投胎么... I think this must be the reason behind)




他也想過要召開緊急記者會,大張旗鼓地宣布〈靈魂的擁抱〉不是他寫的;但整個社會的氛圍都認定了〈靈魂的擁抱〉就是『俞培文』的代表作,這樣急著出面否 認的意義是什麼?他會被認為是一個忠於自我的作者,或者因此被視為是一個無所不用其極炒作知名度的作者?是『默認』比較流俗呢?還是『否認』更加媚 俗?……









The Last Lecture

I've just finished reading The Last Lecture, one of the book that I've bought on Saturday. I know I should be sleeping by now as I'm still recovering from my sickness, but I do feel like I want to blog about it before going to bed.

The Last Lecture is about how a lecturer who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer lived his life, before and after he and his family learned about his cancer. And he gave his last lecture of his life in the university. So the book was actually a record of what he had shared in the lecture.

It doesn't sound very special or interesting. In fact, Tuesdays with Morrie had done a better job in terms of giving inspirational thoughts. However, the optimistism and passion to life of the man, Randy, was the one main thing, that we need to learn from him, that we need to remind ourselves with, from time to time.

I'm a person who thought about death a lot. Enough for me to analyse what are the easier path to commit suicide, without much pain, and think of what letters should one leave for the loved ones before committing suicide. But not enough for me to commit one myself, because I found no reason to leave the world. Especially with all the things that I love and treasure every minute I live.

I thought about death a lot, that I teared every time I think about how painful it will be if any of my loved ones leave me one day. I know this is something that we cannot avoid, but I am in no position to handle this. I never know how to handle death. I experienced it, and I never loved it. I can't even take a death of my grandmother's dog, Ben, what more a person I love.

I thought about death a lot, that I am afraid that the loved ones will be hurt, if I happened to leave one day. I can't imagine what kind of pain one have to go through. I hope when this day happen, my loved ones, be it family, partner, friends, relatives, colleagues, will support each other to get through.

I thought about death a lot, that I have been wonder, who is the person in charged of the deaths of all beings. Does this person in charged check whether the person who is dying fulfill his/her purpose of life before sending him/her through death? I always assume this process happen when we die. Perhaps the in charged will check on our records, make sure we will not die for nothing, to ensure we have done something in our life, that fulfill the purpose of bringing us here to the world.

This is a reason why, I feel it is vital to find out the true purpose of our life. But as I learn from books from Deepak Chopra, we have to detach from all these wants and desires, then we will eventually get there. I do not know how to put in more inspirational words, you will just have to read them if you want to know.

Finding purpose is one thing, fulfilling them, is another task. What if I fulfill them when I'm 20? Will they sentence my death at age 20? Have you ever heard of some "rules" at work that says "If you're given a job that you can finish in one week, but you're given a month time, don't ever finish them in one week. Submit them after 3 weeks, you're still working way efficient than what the boss expects."

There are two ways to look at this statement. First, don't rush things through. Second, perhaps we have more than one purpose in life. So keep things rolling on.

I guess by doing that, the death will not come when it isn't the time. I hope.

I have thought a lot about death, that I have even looked for books that talked about euthanasia.

I found Denial of Soul by M. Scott Peck. I borrowed from library but couldn't finish it within 3 weeks because it's way too heavy to read about death everyday.

I think I would chose this path if one day I think I need to die with dignity, without imposing any burden to my loved ones. Perhaps when the time comes, I will have to migrate to any country which has more flexible perspective to euthanasia and to die peacefully.

But all these, they are just thoughts. Death cannot be planned, at least for sudden deaths.

What is more important, is to live, with passion.

And I'm going to remind myself with this, every single day.

If you ask me what is the conclusion after reading the book, well, I would say, give it a try, it's inspiring in some ways.





Plainly Rotting

So, I'm not fully recovered yet. Thanks to Kean Ping for offering me medicine (till he graduates :D)~

Anyway, I'm not the kind of person who can sit still at home for 3 DAYS! After a day of hiding myself in bed with the official MC, I have decided, I had too much!

Yesterday, I have a very valid reason to visit the town. As of what is the valid reason, I perfer not to say till I have any positive results. Lets pray.

I have to go all the way to Dhoby Ghaut for that valid reason, after finishing my task of the day, very important one, I wandered alone along the street. And with no surprise, I ended up in a bookshop at the basement of Cathay. And no surprise again, I bought two books.

Then, I bury my head into the book at Starbucks with a cup of green tea latte and a piece of small small cake. When the time's up, I went to meet up with Yee Hau to have meal together. I complained to him earlier on, that we had spent too much time on ourselves. I need time to be together!

So, my complaints are approved so we went paktor. Hahaha...

How often you see Wei Wei in long skirt like this? :P

We ended up in a Hong Kong Cafe called "C Nai Cafe" when we strolled along East Coast Park because we saw this!

I really like Hong Kong, because they always come with very creative names. 黑白两道,乳你同酪,喷火椒盐鸡,香蕉飞仙……I just love it! We only ordered 黑白两道 and 乳你同酪 as we just had dinner not too long ago.

That's all for my weekend then, it's time to prepare my dinner :)



在Copthorne King's Hotel上了四天课,上周两天,这周两天。四天,我周围的两位同事都是带病上课,咳嗽+喉咙痛。前三天,我都完全没事,一点都不被她们的病毒影响,还是开开心心上课。直到昨天,我的喉咙也发痒了。







泡泡浴,很性感哦!露点的! >.<
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Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!














童年回忆 (五)——养蜘蛛







当然,除了看蜘蛛滚成一团,我还喜欢看它们织网,看它们如何捕捉猎物(是我捕捉啦),如何进食等……从小就看animal planet的我,难怪现在还是特爱看与动物有关的节目。



Yael Naim, New Soul

I happened to switch to MTV Channel while waiting for some program on National Geographic. And, this was the MTV which was showing. I immediately fell in love, with the song.

I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake

La, la, la, la (21x)
La, la, la, la (21x)

See I'm a young soul in this very strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout what is true and fake
But why all this hate? try to communicate
Finding trust and love is not always easy to make

La, la, la, la (21x)
La, la, la, la (21x)

This is a happy end
Cause you don't understand
Everything you have done
Why's everything so wrong

This is a happy end
Come and give me your hand
I'll take you far away

I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake

New soul... (la, la, la, la,...)
In this very strange world...
Every possible mistake
Possible mistake
Every possible mistake
Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes...



What a Translation!

Hock Chuan told me he thinks the entry that I blogged about "pok pok" was very funny. I was curious how he read it, and the answer was Google Translate.

"Is it accurate?" I asked.

"Well, it has to depend on your own imagination..." That's his answer.

I can't help but wanted to try, on the similar entry that he mentioned and this is the results!

Wei-wei said that the back lanes is the devil's paradise, back alleys and the size of the things I can not always escaped.

One neighbor auntie, always liked to up there in underwear on the fence. On one occasion, auntie is probably not a lot of days to wash your underwear, underwear sun-tall fence as a whole are linked to the brim, very spectacular.

Wei-wei, of course, the devil is only being "deeply moved" on it, pointing to the spectacular scene shouted

"Wow! Sauce more than pok pok!"

The whole street got auntie, would like to see laughs laughter, tears. Ha, ha, ha!

We advise you not to underwear after the sun so to spectacular.

Hock Chuan, this needs WHOLE WORLD of imagination!!!! I can't believe you could understand what I was saying! Thanks for the support :D




























童年回忆 (四)——被狗咬










童年回忆 (三)——不要乱乱晒内裤




“哇!酱多pok pok!”



童年回忆 (二)——洗衣机uncle


后巷的活动可多了,除了是小孩的玩乐天堂,也是小贩做生意买卖的地方。我记得后巷每天都有好多摊子会定时骑脚车经过,云吞面、肉干、还有洗衣机uncle。 (洗衣机uncle是驾van的)
















October is Here!~

I'm having flu!

The weather had been crazy these days, hot turned cold, cold turned hot in one day. My air-con too, is going crazy, hot-cold-hot-cold. Hence, that's me now, a running nose Wei Wei. I guess I'll go to see doctor this afternoon.

Anyway, October is here! Yay!

Wooi Fong, Happy Birthday again! Guess this girl is happily celebrating with her boyfriend.

And it's going to be my birthday, very soon too *wink*

Ok, Work!














The Results of 24 Hours Water Fasting

Remember I said last night, that I couldn't complete my 36 hours water fasting? And stopped at around 24 hours?

Well, apparently the 24 hours of water fasting works quite well on me. I had 4 rounds of smooth toilet runs this morning. Once before I had my breakfast, and thrice after the breakfast. Felt light after that.

I had sandwich for breakfast (pate with hard boiled egg, and bananas) and carbonara pasta for lunch. I planned to make potato salad for dinner, with my muesli yoghurt that I have just bought this afternoon.

I can even do facial masque with additional cucumber on my eyes (cucumber that I bought for my potato salad).

Sounds nice!


Break Fast

I've never tried water fasting before, and I've regretted it.

I've tried to maintain the empty stomach until 7pm, and I know I could not take it anymore, and I break it, with food of course, and fruits too.

I guess next time, I shall just do the fruit fasting, rather than the water fasting.


Detox, Again

I'm fasting today, again. It's been so long since I fast, probably two months ago.

Since Yee Hau is not in till Wednesday, I will not have the temptations to cook, so I just fast. Initially I would want to do the fruit fasting, but I didn't buy fruits last night, so I decided why not water fasting like what Kia Hooi told me before? It's much easier, you don't even have to buy fruits! Hahahaha.

Well, I'm fasting, so please don't lure me with any food!

Going to lab in a while to settle some of the stuffs. Working might help me in avoid thinking about my stomach.



I realized I didn't blog much this month. So, I decided to write something, just to tell you guys (I wonder how many readers I actually have) what have I been doing.

I've been very busy with work since I don't know when. Some colleagues have left the team. One went to continue father's business, one went back to home country for good, one wanted to concentrated on the study. Man power had been tight, and most of us work like mad.

Met up with Celeste on one of the Friday after work. I don't really remember when, as I have totally lost the sense of the sequence of happenings. We met at Orchard, and had dinner at Shimbashi Soba. We're both VERY hungry, we talked lesser and finished our dinner in the shortest time of all the meals we had together. Then, we walked around Orchard aimlessly, and ended up in Starbucks.

I didn't celebrate much of Mid Autumn Festival. I didn't even buy the mooncakes for my colleagues like what I did last year. This year's mooncake is crazily expensive, and I think I really cannot afford. And the moon on Mid Autumn Night itself, wasn't that pretty.

Yee Hau then left me at home for a few days more than a week at home to mission trip in Nepal. He landed in Singapore on Monday evening. I thought he would definitely lost some weight but NO. But having his stories of how great Nepal is, made me feeling like going so badly.

I went for a drink with colleagues last Friday night. We rushed to Brewerkz 5 minutes before the Happy Hour ended and ordered 6 jugs of home brewed beer. And of course, as per the hungry ghost requested (me! Who else!) they ordered a little bit more finger food than what they wanted to. After that, we went to an open hall Karaoke, which was really my first time. I guess I still prefer to go the traditional Karaoke with a few good friends.

I went to Singapore Biennale on Saturday afternoon, on my own, because I don't really know who else is interested in this. I took some pictures, and I've shared the favourites in my photo blog and facebook too. There are total 3 main venues but I have only been to City Hall and South Beach Development. I guess I might be going to Marina Bay this weekend. After visiting the art exhibition, I met Jerry in Jurong Point for dinner. And since we have not shared thoughts and deep talks for centuries, we brought some beers (again!) and peanuts to my place. It's great to feel close once again.

(After reading the entry, I think I've got the sequence correct :D)


The Road Less Travelled

Today, I took a road less travelled on my own.

I found out that I was being stressed out again that I could not think and plan my work properly. I hate this feeling a lot and I told myself to get rid of it. I knocked off from office at 7pm and decided not to take the shuttle bus. I walked all the way out to Anchor Point (I normally do this on the occassion that I missed the bus), called my mom to have some talk, and had dinner.

I walked to the MRT station and took the ride back home, immersed myself in the couch and watched "Long Way Down" documentary from my beloved Ewan McGregor, love it! And after the show, I just can't stop thinking, I should go for a run.

I thought it would be some 3-5km run. However, it ended up to be approximately 9.2km run in 1 hr 10 mins. I ran all the way into NTU, a route that I have never taken for a jog, but a route that is so familiar to me. It was wonderful, that I could run 9.2km in a shot without stopping, even without water! Maybe because it's not as hot as running in the afternoon.

When I was running, the clouds in the sky were well lit by the post Mid Autumn Festival Moon. It was magnificent to have a run under such condition. I saw myself chasing my own shadow and how much I romantically wished that my shadow was crafted by the moon, but I knew it wasn't.

I feel fresh and light after the run, I'm happy for myself! I am confident, that I'm going to have a good day of working tomorrow


And same goes to you!





最近的他,又突然间想玩Masak Masak,下班后就煮饭。而我,想到家里有饭吃,下班时间也比较准时了(有时候,我会做到很迟才回家)。不过,反正带电脑回家,回家还可以做一些首尾工作,就会家咯!有饭吃哩,你说回不回?

煮饭有时候并不是非常省钱(看你买什么咯),只是纯粹为了好玩而煮。我偶尔周末也会玩Masak Masak,想东弄西,反正煮了什么他都得吃。哈哈哈哈!有时候,还同朋友(CS咯!)讨论怎么煮,交换心得,受不了我们。还一起去买菜,好像Aunty!哎哟!(CS的梦想是开餐厅,所以他很有心得的。以前大学也是在他那里骗吃骗喝>.<)



Nike Human Race

We ran for Nike Human Race last Sunday at 4.30pm. What a time to start a run eh? Well, the idea of this run is a relay from one city to another, that is why, some city will have to start running at some odd hours.

I never like running back in the secondary school days. I even found ways to avoid going to PJ classes. That's me back in 10 years ago. What about now? I paid some fees to run. I ran 10km first time last year. I was "amazed" (some what) by myself, that I can actually finish it. And this year, I ran Nike Human Race for 10km (that is the only category) and I will run half marathon during the Standard Chartered.

Anyway, "runspiration" is not the main theme I wanted to share.

When I was running last week, I looked at the whole stretch of runners in front and behind me, and I immediately thought of the Christmas Island Red Crabs!

Look at this!

Note: Photos from Human Race taken by Yee Hau with his mobile phone while photos of Red Crabs Race downloaded from websites.

Specially thanks to Kia Hooi whom walked me through my Photoshop CS3 Struggle~~~

















Wall E back in 15 Years Ago

I've just watched Wall E this week, and I adore Wall E, I wish I have one!!!

I was Youtube-ing for Wall E and look what I found! Pixar actually has Wall E for 15 years, since Toy Story!


Bad Hair DaySSSS...

My hair has been killing me softly, ever since I've decided to keep it long again.

Most of you know that I cut my hair short, as short as 3cm December last year. I was proud of the short hair, as I can sleep a little bit longer everyday, I don't have to comb my hair, I can shower 15 mins before I sleep etc. There were so many advantages.


I have to visit the saloon, every month! If I were to leave my hair to grow for 2 months, I would look as if I grow bushes on my head. On my 6th month of having super short hair, I lost my patience, and I want them to be long again.

And ever since I've made the decision to keep long hair again, I hope my hair could reach shoulder length on the next morning when I wake up. But too bad, this never happen...

It's neck length now, I hate this!

People say plants will grow faster if you talk to them and let them listen to music, I wonder what will it be if I were to do the same to my hair?





















希望她伤口快点痊愈 :D










Goodbye Gold Medal...

We've nailed it once, but we lost it still...

Lee Chong Wei was defeated badly by the incredible strong opponent Lin Dan, straight set, 21-12; 21-8. Yes, I do hate Lin Dan for his forever Hao-Lian face...

But we have to accept the fact, that Lee Chong Wei is not as good as him, and the mentally preparedness is not as good too.

Maybe, we'll just have to wait for another 4 years...


昨晚10.30pm的男子100米赛跑,无疑是整个奥运会最受瞩目的项目。来自牙买加的Usain Bolt能否再创世界纪录称为地球上跑得最快的人,成为所有人的焦点。

果然不负众望,飞毛腿以9秒69分破了自己原先的9秒72分的纪录,并且领先第二名0.2秒。Usain Bolt在起跑时稍微落后了一点,可是,他的冲刺非常的快,一瞬间就把所有参赛者抛在后头。并且,还可以在最后几十米,放慢速度,张开双臂,迎着他的金牌及荣誉。(西北浩恋!不过,他可以!)



奥运会的游泳项目,经过一周的激烈比赛, 终于落幕。想想有点可惜,好多项目都错过,还好至少看了录像。





4x100m Individual Medley 4:07.28 WR
4x100m Freestyle Relay 3:12.23 WR
200m Freestyle 1:42.96 WR
200m Fly 1:52.03 WR
4x200m Freestyle Relay 6:58.56 WR
200m Individual Medley 1:54.23 WR
100m Fly 50.58
4x100m Medley Relay 3:29.34 WR


The Phenomenal Phelps!

The best swimmer in the history! He had won 8 gold medals in one Olympic itself, and broke 7 world records! I wonder how many years would other swimmers need to break these records. Of course, he would have to thank his relay teammates for being able to put up the good show for his 8th gold too!

The last performance of Phelps was 4x100m Medley. The USA team had put up a wonderful show for all the audiences. The first swimmer, Piersol had a good lead in 100m for backstroke. The 2nd swimmer of Japan Kitajima however overtook Hansen from USA team. That was quite a moment, if only Japan team swimmers are all equivalent fast as Kitajima, Japan could break Phelps 8 gold dream. Phelps was the 3rd swimmer for fly, he made the lead after the 50m turn and brought the lead to the last swimmer, Lezak. Lezak swam very fast, leading far ahead the Aussies and broke the world record.

There goes, the world's best swimmer in history, Michael Phelps!

8 gold medals, 7 world records!










李宗伟 vs 林丹




06年1月22日 全英公开赛 林丹

06年6月18日 马来西亚公开赛 李宗伟

06年6月25日 中国台北公开赛 林丹

06年7月23日 澳门公开赛 林丹

06年9月2日 中国香港公开赛 林丹

07年6月14日 苏迪曼杯赛 李宗伟

07年7月15日 中国大师赛 林丹

07年9月16日 日本超级赛 李宗伟

07年12月2日 中国香港超级赛 林丹

08年3月16日 瑞士超级赛 林丹

08年5月15日 汤姆斯杯赛 李宗伟




后记: 林丹是第一名不讨人喜欢的中国男单。在搜寻李宗伟和林丹的照片是不小心看见了一篇部落格,更是让人觉得林丹着人格不好。还是李宗伟好!











Lee Chong Wei into Semifinal

Lee Chong Wei marched into semifinal in Men's Single. He'll be playing against Korean Lee Hyunil on 6.30pm 15/08/2008.

I am glad that he marched into semifinal without much difficulties, let's hope that he will perform at his best in semifinal, and hopefully, final!

Keep my fingers crossed!

Please give him support!!

(Ai Mei and I will be showing support by going to Ching Siang's place after work tomorrow :D)


My Heart Shattered...

My 2006 Doha Heroes

KKK & TBH lost!

My heart was pumping hard for the past half an hour, for Koo and Tan. They defeated the Indonesian first pair in Doha in 2006. I watched the game, with hope that they will win again, to defeat the world no.1 and march to their RM1million.

But, they broke the Malaysians' heart.

Koo and Tan are good players, but I think they need to improve on their mental preparation. Maybe they're just not matured enough compared to the Indon pair.

There's one thing that I must say, the 18th point from Indonesian was UNFAIR! The shuttle was out of the line!!! Heck!!! I HATE THEM!! HATE THE UMPIRE!!!

In conclusions, heart broken and shattered on the floor.

Please support our only hope, Lee Chong Wei at 11.30am tomorrow.

The Hope

Just when I thought we could celebrate Wong Choong Hann's victory against Taufik Hidayat, and expecting him to be able to march into R8 smoothly. He LOST!

I managed to catch the game of Choong Hann vs Taufik before I left home to Singapore on Monday night. It was a great match, and I'm proud of Choong Hann to be able to beat Taufik, one of the greatest player of this era. I thought I was going to blog about it when I'm free, until I found out that, he was defeated by Taiwan player, Xie Yu Xing. Never expected that! As for the previous victory, I'll just let Ying Ying do the reporting.

To think at the bright side, at least Taufik is no longer in the game. One strong enemy down!

Lee Chong Wei will have to take bigger and heavier pressure now as his teammate had failed to make his way. Chong Wei will have to defeat Sony from Indonesia so that he can march into semifinal. Based on the statistics, Chong Wei defeated Sony 4 times in total 6 times of matches againts each other. Let's hope for the best from Chong Wei! We'll always support you!!!

Lee Wan Wah & Chong Tan Fook, despite of being top 4 in the rank, had been defeated by the Korean pair last night. I have to say I'm not too disappointed, as they have not been great. Koo Keng Kiat & Tan Boon Heong on the other hand, will face the world No.1 Indonesian pair tonight 9.30pm. KKK & TBH had shocked the world in Doha, to defeat the world No. 1 pair. Can they do that again? I sure hope they will!

It's so hard to be badminton players in Malaysia, as they're always the only hope for medals.

Can they write a new page in Malaysia sports history to acheive the first gold medal after decades of participation?

Let's pray and give full support!~

World Record, Everyday?

I really wonder how he made it, to break world record, EVERYDAY ever since the swimming events of Beijing Olympic 2008 started.

Phelps had won his 5th gold medal. He's getting closer and closer to his goal, 8 gold medals in Olympic 2008. I'm looking forward to that. Not because I'm his fans, just simply a reason to celebrate a GREAT athlete of the year!

I've been following closely to the finals that he's swimming in everyday. And he never stop surprising the world with more and more records.

I wonder how would it be, if Ian Thorpe competes in this games as well. It would be such an interesting competition, wouldn't it?


Olympic 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008 had finally opened all the eyes of foreigners!

I know I can never missed opening ceremony. Hence, on Friday, I took a day leave and left Singapore on Thursday night, to make sure, on Friday 8.08pm, I'm at home. Needless to say, by now everybody should know how fantastic the opening ceremony was.
It's an important event to China, it's an important event to all the Chinese all around the world! Everybody has been waiting for years, for the 8.08pm moment. And they've made it, they've made it wonderfully. I'm so delighted!

In just 3 days, Michael Phelps had already broken Olympic and World record and of course, won his first gold medal, pushing his way to his goal 8 gold medals. Park Taehwon from Korea had surprised everybody too, by winning 400m freestyle. This 18 year old young boy has his way to go...
Michael Phelps

Park Tae-hwan

All Malaysians' had been betting all the hopes onto one person's shoulder, Lee Chong Wei. I just discovered from wikipedia that this 26 year old young man studied in Jit Sin Primary (B) just like me! :D (No wonder he's so good!) He had jut won his way to Men Singles R16 by taking down Ronald Susilo from Singapore straight set! I'm so happy for him! But he still has a long way to go...

Lee Chong Wei












八、演了两个半小时,竟然还没进入主题。你可以说Lord of The Ring也是如此,不过那是一套你看完第一部马上想看第二部的电影。赤壁,恰好相反了!

之前Kung Fu Panda有篇小得不足以泛起涟漪的新闻,就是一位中国的艺术家,控告Dreamworks侮辱了熊猫。我觉得,这是哪位艺术家想趁机搞新闻。而这次,我希望中国的历史学家挺身站出来,控告吴宇森。真的!



Just as I thought I have some control over my EQ and temper, I found that I can actually control one case by one case, but not when they all come in a bundle.

I said to myself:" Loser...."

I have been putting myself with lots of negative energy lately. I bug myself for lots of negative things that had happened to me, and keep thinking about them, keep wanting to talk about them, keep defending, keep avoiding, keep protecting... I feel so helpless, as if the only way to get out of it, is to finish the episode. I hope it to be asap.

I need to get back to the normal me.















这首是全场最好听的歌曲。严洁敏的二胡很好听, 乐队也很配合。所以,以这首收场,可说是最好了。至少,弥补我耳朵之前所受的折磨。





Things to Ponder

Life's been going on a very fast pace lately. I've been excusing myself way too often, from pondering things that had happened. Today, I've decided not to give this excuse to myself, and to sit down and think.

Of job
I've finally have a clearer mind of what I'm doing. Seriously for the past one year, I've been... struggling to find out where do I come in to help? It was so troubling, that I don't really know my stand. Now, I grabbed, and I hold it. It was troubling because, it feels like you're living without a purpose.

There are so much uncertainties nowadays. Too much anxiety in the air to bear with. But my colleagues are right, the big fishes are changing their position but small prawns will still have to work. So don't worry.
Well, when there are so much uncertainties, you just don't really know what will turn out to be. Maybe, it's for the good. We'll never know. So, why worry?

EQ level
Kia Hooi congratulated me yesterday, for my improvement in EQ level! Yes, in one way or another, I grabbed the knot to control myself not to get crazy and stay calm when people step on my tail. An improvement to celebrate :)

Well, so... now I've found the purpose, I'll have to live with the purpose. I'll remind myself from time to time.

Remind me when you catch me being lazy and procrastinating.




M. Scott Peck说得对,生活原本就是suffer。只要你意识到这个事实,你就会有勇气面对生活的一切难题。如果你觉得生活原本就是无忧无虑的,那么,你就永远想要逃避问题。这个,让我想到了蚂蚁和蚱蜢的故事。




The Dark Knight

I watched The Dark Knight on the first day it was shown on cinema. I just can't wait for another day...

It was a GREAT show!

Christian Bale was still as good as when he was in The Batman Begins. But, Heath Ledger as joker just managed to steal the whole show. He was the BEST joker ever. Of course, Christian Bale was also the best Batman ever. George Clooney was the worst...

Anyway, back to the show. I personally think that these superhero genre type of movies are improving from time to time. The movie makers realized (finally!) the importance to settle some of the problems in the movie. For example, when the Hulk bought his pants, he looked for flexible pants in the latest Incredible Hulk. Whereas in The Dark Knight, the Batman requested for a more flexible suit so that he can turn his head around! Make so much sense!

It was as dark as any batman show in the history, in fact, darker. The Joker was the scariest and most intelligent Joker I've seen in Batman. He played and fooled around with people's mind. He knows how to read mind like a psychiatrist. That made him very different from the Joker from the past, whom was only crazy for nothing. And he also managed to make you fear that Batman might have lost. (Although you know it was impossible)

Heath Ledger, the Joker

On contrast of another villain, the Two Face... was almost forgettable. He didn't get lots of scenes as Two Face, and he's not as evil as Joker. Even before Two Face became Two Face, the Mr. Nice Guy didn't plant too much of images in my mind. With Heath Ledger and Christian Bale in the movie, he just didn't get a chance to be remembered. Even the policeman was better than he was. Honestly.

I strongly recommend everyone to watch this GREAT movie because:
1. It was a GREAT Batman show!
2. The Joker was very good!
3. You're not going to see Heath Ledger in cinema anymore...






My Uncle Oswald

It's been a long time since I blogged about book. Not because I didn't read for all the while, it's simply because I'm lazy and some of the books that I have read, just not worth my time to blog.

Anyway, My Uncle Oswald had again proved that Roald Dahl was a writer with super wild imagination, even when it comes to sex. Yes, you didn't read it wrong, SEX! Mind you, it's not a porno type of sex. If you're a Roald Dahl reader, you will know his style, imaginative, crazy, bizarre, creative, wild, and of course, FUNNY!

My Uncle Oswald is an excerpt from Oswald's diary on how he made his fortune to millionaire. He started off by selling Blister Beetle (Viagra) at 17 to made his first fortune. But it ain't enough, and he teamed up with Yasmine and Aurthur later to collect sperms of famous people, such as Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, Albert Einstein and lots more. The funny and wild obviously came from how they actually collect the sperms, which, I'm not going to tell here.

Roald Dahl, Roald Dahl, you'll never get bored with his books.

It Must Have Been Quite a Scene, If...

I vomit...

As what I have planned, I went to gym after work. But it was already quite late, around 6.30pm, and what's worse, I was actually a little bit of hungry. As my storage of food in the cabinet had went low, I didn't take any snacks for tea. And I still insisted, that I have to go gym.

After close to an hour of exercising, I came back. Bought a Subway sandwich and sat in front of my TV as usual. After 3/4 finishing the sandwich, I felt full all of the sudden. I didn't suspect anything, so I just put the sandwich aside. And then, I started to feel something in my throat. I knew it's something but I tried to convince myself it's NOT! Mind you, it's within minute after I set the leftover aside.

Then, I just walked calmly to my toilet bowl and BLAAHHHHH.... Here goes my $5.50 meal.

I was thinking, it could be a scene, if this would have happened in Subway itself :P

Anyway, no worries. It's not that I'm falling sick, I just upset my stomach with emptiness for too long and even strained my body to gym. I shan't do that anymore...

$5.50, wasted :P